Glee’s Naya Rivera recently spoke about the creative changes that have come to Glee in season 4 saying that it feels like a different show to her. Plus, a couple of other subtle throws of shade.

Speaking to, Naya talked about how even though she comes to the same studio to work on Glee, there’s a huge feeling of separation with the cast and it makes her sad:

It does feel like a different show and sometimes I get really sad about it. We shoot on the same soundstage, but there’s this big door that separates the two worlds, so on my lunch breaks I’ll go over there and see [Kevin McHale] and [Jenna Ushkowitz] and everybody I haven’t seen, like, “I miss you guys! What are you doing?” I have no idea what they’re doing! I have no idea about the gossip and drama with the new kids! I feel like I’ve really grown up because we used to have all that stuff and now we don’t.

Naya also spoke about how she and Lea Michele sometimes get jealous of the cast working on the McKinley High School set because they’ve recently been able to close episodes by just flailing around and having fun on stage – something she nor Lea have ever had a chance to do:

It’s funny because Lea and I have been getting insanely jealous of the new New Directions because at the end of every episode they get to do a fun number where they just, like, run around. Like, free-form rock-out! We never got to do that!

Well, when we were in New Directions we had like six-hour dance rehearsals. It was very rigid. Now they’re literally just running around with balloons. [Laughs.]

So much shade – and we love it!

Click here to read the full interview with Naya Rivera where she also talks about Santana’s fate in season 5 as well as the LGBT audience and fans.

What are your thoughts about Santana in season 4 of Glee? Would you like to see more of her? leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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