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‘MyMusic’ season 2 premieres! Plus: New casting and behind-the-scenes photos

MyMusic season 2 has premiered on YouTube, and Hypable has had a sneak peak at episodes 2×02 and 2×03. Will the new season be totally “culkin”?

MyMusic is a YouTube sitcom in the style of The Office. The show is set at a music production company, featuring a range of off-beat and hilarious characters. The series was created by online producers Benny and Rafi Fine, who are famous for their Kids React series, and have over 5.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

MyMusic stars Adam Busch (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Grace Helbig (Daily Grace), Toby Turner (Annoying Orange), Jack Douglass (YouTube’s Jacksfilms), Chris Clowers, Tania Gunadi, Lainey Lipson, Jarrett Sleeper and Mychal Thompson.

‘MyMusic’ season 2 premieres:

The premiere episode of MyMusic season 2 sees the world’s most dysfunctional music production company returning to work. It seems that everyone is back where we remember them – that means Intern 2 is once again showing off his skills as a footrest.

After dealing with the fall out from Loco Uno, the team is scaling back from production to focus on podcasting (Indie: “You’ve probably never heard of it”).

The new season sees a new office space (yes, it really did burn down last time), which presents its own set of problems for the different characters. Somehow in the move, Metal has lost his desk (again), and Idol’s desk is so close to Techo and Dubstep’s that she can’t hear herself think. Cue drama.

And it turns out, not everyone is exactly the same. Hip Hop has returned to work determined to show on the outside what he is on the inside, which is a total nerd. And he’s a Nerdfighter – yeah, you read that right.

We are also introduced to a brand new character – Country, who is Idol’s cousin (or “identical cousin”, as they will sing off-key more than once in the premiere). “You’ll never get sick of us,” says Idol. And you know what, we probably won’t, because the Fine Brothers have once again managed to make what should be an annoying shtick into a giggle-inducing gag. Say what!?

As usual, some of the best moments of MyMusic are in the details that other shows would not bother with – the hilarious tag-lines shown during the interview portions, and the self-aware references to the viewing audience. Fans of MyMusic season 1 will not be disappointed with this premiere episode, and we can’t wait for more.

‘MyMusic’ season 2:

Hypable has seen episode 2×02 and 2×03, but unfortunately our lips have to remain sealed. What we can tell you is MyMusic is only getting better, and that season 2 will feature new additions to the cast, such as Lee Newton as Country (SourceFed) and Paul Butcher (Zoey 101).

And yes, the episodes we have seen have been totally “culkin.” For a sneak peak at what it is like behind-the-scenes, check out these backstage photos from the filming of season 2.

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New episodes of MyMusic will premiere every Tuesday at 3pm ET on YouTube

The Fine Brothers are looking to make the second season of their YouTube sitcom even more interactive than the first. Creator Benny Fine says, “This season we’re taking the interactivity up a notch and creating more opportunities for fans to integrate with the MyMusic story universe.”

Fans can expect the cast to appear at live events, host podcasts, and feature on the MyMusic blog, in addition to the 80 social media accounts that link into the story. MyMusic takes the idea of transmedia to a whole new level, but just like all good transmedia elements, fans can also enjoy the series without following the blogs and social media accounts.

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