The MTV VMAs hired a fifth grader at the local elementary school to create a tribute to actor Robin Williams.

Halfway through the Video Music Awards on Sunday night, someone at MTV decided to run a Powerpoint slideshow made up of photos you’ll find after searching “Robin Williams” on Google Images. It was not introduced by anyone on stage, and came right after Fifth Harmony won an award.

Watch the 24-second montage that MTV calls “A Tribute to Robin Williams” accompanied by Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars” below:

While one could argue that the tribute is better than nothing at all, the fact is that the montage looks like it was slapped together quickly just so MTV didn’t catch any flack for not paying respects to the actor who died only two weeks ago.

We expect a much better tribute at the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards, which air live on NBC tomorrow (Monday, August 25). Williams deserves something great.

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