6:45 pm EST, November 21, 2014

MTV shares first ‘Eye Candy’ teaser

Victoria Justice publishes the first teaser trailer of her new MTV series Eye Candy.

The creepy 30-second montage successfully taps into the obsession of social media and the very real danger of the Internet.

You can check out the video below:

As simulated Internet posts flash across the screen, a creepy voice makes sure you understand the meaning of these meaningless images: “You share your meals, your friends, your family, your fears, your location, your entire life…”

Victoria Justice’s character, Lindy Sampson, is slowly added into the collection of images as the voice continues, “Thank you for sharing. It makes it so easy to be your follower.”

But you soon realize that these images aren’t standard run of the mill Facebook posts, but rather photos taken on the street or behind bushes, “I know sharing makes you feel alive. Which is funny…”

The mysterious voice closes his remarks in a threatening and looming ending, “Because you don’t know it yet, but you’re already dead.”

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The CSI-like show is clearly tapping into the natural fear that surrounds the big brother aspect of the digital age. More information than a stalker could ever hope for is hidden in the crevices of the World Wide Web –- and MTV is ready to explore just how dangerous that fact could become.

Justice leads the program set to start early next year:

“Lindy, a tech genius who is convinced by her roommate to begin online dating, starts to suspect that one of her mysterious suitors may be a deadly cyber stalker. When her friends at the elusive cyber police uncover a potential serial killer in Manhattan, all signs point to one of Lindy’s dates. Teaming with a band of hackers, Lindy works to solve the murders while unleashing her own style of justice on the streets of New York.”

Eye Candy will premiere January 12 at 10 p.m.

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