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15 movies streaming on Netflix with a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating

There are many movies streaming on Netflix, but we bet you haven’t seen several of these movies with a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating.

Gaining a 100% approval rating on the movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes is no easy feat, but all 15 of these movies have accomplished it. Whether they’re comedies, thrillers, documentaries or stand-up comedy specials, all of these are sure to be the best of the best… and they’re all streaming on Netflix.

While some of these films have been reviewed by many critics, a few of them have received only a handful of reviews. This is due in part to the fact that Rotten Tomatoes wasn’t around when many of them were released. Still, the selection of reviews from now and then assures that critics are unanimous on these films.

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There are many great movies streaming on Netflix in virtually every genre, and you can trust that, although you may have not heard of these films before, they’ll make for an excellent movie night.


1. The Square

This documentary is a thorough, personal exploration of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, and how the collapse of two governments came about. While it’s a chilling thing to see, it’s also important to understand what really happened, and how the world has been affected since then.

netflix rotten tomatoes chris rock

2. Chris Rock: Tambourine

Chris Rock makes his return after a decade with this Netflix stand-up comedy special, where he explores fatherhood, infidelity, and American politics like only he can. It’s wonderful to see Rock, who defined the genre, bring great comedy to a new generation.

netflix rotten tomatoes shirkers

3. Shirkers

In 1992, a group of teens filmed a movie with help from an American director, who later disappeared, along with all their footage. This fascinating documentary follows a novelist who now returns to Singapore to figure out exactly what happened, and who that man really was.

netflix rotten tomatoes let it fall

4. Let it Fall

This in-depth look at Los Angeles between 1982 and 1992 reveals what really led up to the infamous Los Angeles riots, offering insight into how police brutality and racism has affected America in insidious ways.

netflix rotten tomatoes mercury 13

5. Mercury 13

This documentary uncovers the story of thirteen women who trained to become astronauts in 1959, only to be replaced by men in the actual space missions. It’s an insightful look at sex discrimination in America, especially surrounding something we view as America’s greatest victory: making it to space.

netflix rotten tomatoes nanette

6. Nanette

Nanette is officially a stand-up comedy act, but it’s actually so much more than that. It’s an examination of contemporary social issues, especially related to the LGBTQ+ community, through the eyes of one of its older members. Hannah Gadsby, an Australian comedian, subverts the stand-up formula and creates something that is moving and thought-provoking — while still making you laugh along the way.

netflix rotten tomatoes unrest

7. Unrest

This documentary is very unique: it was filmed by a woman who, just some months before her wedding, becomes bedridden with a crippling disease, which she later discovers is chronic fatigue syndrome. Unrest gives a first-person look into how doctors dismiss patients with CFS, and the social implications of the disease.

netflix rotten tomatoes voyager

8. The Farthest: Voyager in Space

The Farthest tells the story of NASA’s Voyager, whose mission was to visit Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, and who revolutionized the way we understand the planets in our solar system. Through this documentary, we learn about the people and the events surrounding this extraordinary human achievement, and come to appreciate the fascinating science that made it happen.

netflix rotten tomatoes bill nye

9. Bill Nye: Science Guy

In Bill Nye: Science Guy, we get to see a different side of one of the most beloved men of America. This documentary follows Bill Nye between 2014 and 2016, as he struggles to reach a wider audience through science after retiring his children’s show, while battling evolution and climate change skeptics.

netflix rotten tomatoes shirkers

10. Mr. Roosevelt

This peculiar comedy follows a struggling comedian who is forced to move in with her ex-boyfriend and his very successful new girlfriend, and begins to question everything about her life. Through questions about ambition, career goals and gentrification, this movie has left critics everywhere awestruck by its high quality.

netflix rotten tomatoes strong island

11. Strong Island

A difficult, but important documentary to watch, Strong Island is the story of the murder of the director’s brother, William Ford, a young African-American teacher who was killed by a white man. The documentary follows the shocking events that took place, and the injustice perpetuated by the trial’s all-white jury.

netflix rotten tomatoes nanette

12. The Age of Shadows

A South Korean period thriller, The Age of Shadows is about Lee, a police captain who is assigned the task of identifying members of a resistance movement during the Japanese occupation. But there are people interested in turning him into a double agent, and so Lee is plunged into a psychological game where he must choose where his alliances truly lie.

netflix rotten tomatoes national bird

13. National Bird

National Bird is a chilling documentary about the role drones play in America’s wars, told in the words of U.S. veterans themselves. It’s a rare look into the American military, and it was only possible because of the whistleblowers who made the documentary happen.

netflix rotten tomatoes young offenders

14. The Young Offenders

This adult comedy is based on Ireland’s biggest cocaine seizure ever, where 61 bales of cocaine were seized from a capsized boat. The movie follows two best friends who decide to go searching for a bale that the police missed, in order to make enough money to leave their homes forever. But of course, nothing goes the way they expect it to.

netflix rotten tomatoes chasing coral

15. Chasing Coral

A Netflix original documentary, Chasing Coral follows a team of divers, scientists and photographers who capture evidence of coral bleaching, and how coral reefs are vanishing around the world at a terrifying rate.

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