Five most awkward scenes to make it into a film: Untied shoes, Spider Monkeys, and more

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12:30 pm EDT, January 23, 2013

Have you ever had one of those experiences when you’re watching a movie and it all of a sudden turns incredibly awkward? And not in that cute, intended awkwardness, but more in the cringe worthy and why-is-this-even-happening way? It’s guaranteed, so here is a list of some of the most awkward scenes to grace the big screen.

‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’ – The Untied Shoelace

Ugh. Guys. This scene.

There is so much sexual innuendo in this scene that even Colin Creevey, who probably got no action in his entire life, would question what is going on here.

What on earth was David Yates thinking when he filmed this scene? Did he forget that Daniel Radcliffe is short and so didn’t realise that Bonnie’s head would be in the perfect position for something that would definitely not classify it as a PG-13 movie?

It’s a real shame, because Ginny is one of my favourite characters, but pretty much every scene between Bonnie and Daniel is so awkward that I want to fast forward the movie every time she’s on screen. Their kiss in the 6th and 7th film is so passionate less and uncomfortable you would think she had been imperio-ed.

‘Twilight’ – Spider Monkey

Oh gosh. It was so hard to narrow it down to just one, but after watching way too many scenes of Twilight on YouTube, I knew it had to be this one.

What you have to understand is that the entire film of Twilight is composed of really long uneasy and embarrassing scenes, so you think you would get used to constantly wincing at whatever sappy lines they throw at each other, but I vividly remember when Edward said, “You better hold on tight, spidermonkey” and thinking. No. Nope. Too much.

It’s not even cute! Yes, please, compare me to the most hated insect on the planet, and in addition, combine it with a monkey, who are known to fling their own feces. It’s adorable.

‘Spiderman’ – Emo Peter Parker Dance

A lot of people like to pretend that Spiderman 3 never happened, and from watching this scene, it’s understandable why. I don’t know whether to laugh hysterically, or cover my eyes until it’s safe to look again.

I’m sorry, but Toby Maguire just doesn’t pull off the whole ‘confident and sexy’ guy. He’s cute, and that’s great, you can do a lot with that, but using dance moves that your mum probably taught you just aren’t going to get the ladies like she promised. Times have changed.

How Gwen Stacey even fell for him is beyond me. Look at those emo bangs; you could cause an eco disaster from that amount of grease.

Mary Jane’s face throughout this whole disaster of a dance routine though is perfect and speaks for the audience. “WTF is going on?!”

‘Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones’ – Anakin and Padme rolling in the meadow

The prequels have always taken quite a beating from hard-core fans about how bad they are in comparison to the originals. However, I grew up with the prequels, and I loved them as a kid! My friends and I use to always play Star Wars during lunch, and I was of course Padme, mainly because she’s the only female character, but I also thought she was pretty cool in The Phantom Menace.

My belief as to why so many fans hated the prequels is because the movies sort of turned into this epic romance, which is not what attracted the original fans to the series.

And I get it; some of the scenes between Anakin and Padme are truly puke worthy. For instance, the meadow scene. It’s like a scene out of The Sound of Music; they’re frolicking around amongst daisies and butterflies, having the time of their life. The bit where they roll over each other in the grass is so staged and cheesy that I’m lucky I’m not lactose intolerant, or else I would be breaking out into crazy hives. This scene is too much. The last and only time I would have done this in real life is in P.E, when we had to do a gymnastics routine.

‘Titanic’ – “I’m Flying”

I’m sorry. I can’t. This scene, it makes me cringe every time. I know it’s the most iconic and romantic scene of the past decade, but Leonardo’s hush, the whispered talking, the “I’m flying!” line and the music. Oh god, the music. I think it’s what pushes me over the edge. It’s excessive and I can’t handle it. If I was on the ship watching, I would probably throw myself overboard.

What are some of the scenes you find too awkward to watch?

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