If you’re eagerly anticipating Pixar’s 2013 film Monsters University, you may be looking for the film’s promotional site.

You won’t be getting that right now, but today the studio launched a site for, literally, Monsters University.

The site for the fictional school is just like any other college website and has five main sections: About MU, Admission, Academics, Campus Life, and Store.

Each area is written as if the school is a real place. “Over the centuries, generations of legends have stomped, slid, and slimed through the Quad. Today, Monsters University continues a tradition of academic excellence, ground-breaking research, development of the next generation of leadership, and the relentless pursuit of monster potential,” they write on their About page.

On the Clubs page in the Campus Life area you can learn about Extra Curricular activities. “Let the “M.U.sic” competitions begin,” they write of their a capella singing club. “The Glee Club supports many student vocal groups on campus, including the Scare-atones, The Night Tenors, and the Off-Key Mumblers.”

Of particular note is the Store, which has real Monsters University merchandise for purchase. After adding one of the items to your cart, you are directed to the Disney Store to complete checkout.

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