Disney Pixar used an event at the University of Southern California over the weekend to screen the first completed scenes from its Monsters, Inc. prequel Monsters University.

IGN attended the event and offered up details about the scenes revealed. It appears they used parts that appear early in the film. Below is a sample of their report:

After being kicked out of the scarer program at Monsters University, Mike and Sulley realize they must set aside their rivalry and work together if they’re both going to get back into the scarer program. The only way to do this is to join a fraternity, which in their case is Oozma Kappa, and eventually compete in The Scare Games. Alas, this “OK” frat is far from OK. In a nod to underdog flicks such as Revenge of the Nerds and The House Bunny, Mike and Sulley quickly discover that their frat is for the very, very uncool kids.

First, there’s Don Carlton, a middle-aged monster who’s gone back to school after being laid off from his job. Then there are the twins Terry and Terri, a pair of squabbling Siamese twin monsters. Art is the equivalent of the ubiquitous dorm stoner, a “New Age philosophy major” who doesn’t exactly scream effort. Finally, there’s Squishy, a nice blob who looks exactly as his namesake suggests. These outcasts refer to their frat house living room as “Party Central” (and, no, it isn’t).

Further details at this link indicate that Mike and Sulley realize it’ll be up to them to get their incompetent frat into The Scare Games. At the link you’ll find some light spoilers on what sounds like a hilarious scene.

Monsters University opens June 21, 2013. In terms of promotional material, so far we have this teaser trailer as well as this viral website.

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