Monsters University opened in theaters this past Friday, and those who are Pixar fanatics know that they needed to keep a close eye out for Easter eggs.

Every Pixar film has a slew of Easter eggs – from ones that appear in nearly ever Pixar movie (A113, the Luxor Ball, the Pizza Planet truck) to ones that are more rare like a character from A Bug’s Life appearing in a Toy Story movie.

Monsters University’s Easter eggs are just as clever, hidden, and a joy to catch. Below are the ones we’ve found.

A113: You’ll see the infamous classroom number on Professor Love’s lecture hall door when Sulley first enters. A113 is a reference to a classroom at CalArts where Pixar’s Chief Creative Executive Officer John Lasseter and director Brad Bird went to school.

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'Monsters University' A113 Easter Egg

The Pizza Planet Truck: Catch the truck during Mike and Sulley’s big chase right after they run through a house to catch Sulley’s pet. The truck made its debut in Toy Story, the studio’s very first feature length film.

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'Monsters University' Pizza Planet Easter Egg

The Good Dinosaur: In each Pixar movie, the studio always inserts an egg that relates to their next film. In Monsters University’s case, their next film is The Good Dinosaur. To see the Easter egg, look at the collection of toys on the floor during The Scare Games’ final round where the monsters have to enter a bedroom simulation and scare a robotic child. You’ll be able to catch sight of stuffed animal dinosaurs. A couple of them are probably characters that are important to the plot of The Good Dinosaur.

To better explain the above egg, check out this egg in Brave where we can see Monsters University‘s Sulley:

'Monsters University' easter egg in 'Brave'

Here’s another example, where Toy Story 3′s Lotso appears during Up. He looked so friendly and innocent back then…

'Toy Story 3's' Lotso in 'Up'

The Luxo Ball: The classic yellow, red, and blue Pixar ball can be seen drawn on a wall when Mike and Sulley learn how dangerous children are.

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'Monsters University' Luxor Ball Easter Egg

John Ratzenberg: The actor’s voice appears in every Pixar movie. In both Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University he plays the Abominable Snowman. In University, he’s referred to as The Snowman (presumably because this is before the public perceived him as being “abominable”).

After credits scene: If you stick around after Monsters University‘s credits, you’ll see a bonus scene.

Last year Pixar released high-res photos from Brave showing off a few of the Easter eggs (like the one pictured above). We hope they’ll do the same this year after a couple more weeks pass.

Have you found a Monsters University Easter egg that we didn’t list above? Hit the comments to share!

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