He was recently voted the 33rd Sexiest Man of 2011, and has become a Hollywood heart-throb.  However, Sherlock executive producer Steven Moffat has said in a recent interview that playing Holmes in the BBC Drama is what made Benedict Cumberbatch attractive.  Moffat also discussed his approach to writing the show, amongst other things.

Speaking with The University Observer, Steven said the following:

…[Benedict’s] not the first handsome man to play Sherlock Holmes oddly enough. He could be one of the younger ones. It’s odd. It wasn’t like, in all fairness, anyone was salivating over Benedict before he was Sherlock Holmes, its a meeting of part and actor I think that makes geeky sexy.

You can read the full transcript of the interview (which includes very detailed discussion on both Sherlock and Doctor Who) at the above link.

Did you find Benedict attractive before he played Holmes, or do you think that he’s only good looking when in character? Let us know in the comments below.

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