Modern Family was off the screens this week to make room for the presidential debates, but it will return next week for its second episode of season 4, “Schooled.” Watch the promo for the episode from the three time Emmy award winning show below.

Because of their week off, there will be two episodes airing next week on ABC on Wednesday as an hour special. The first, “Schooled,” according to the synopsis given by ABC, will deal with Haley going off to college, Jay and Gloria taking a baby class, and Cam and Mitchell’s daughter, Lily, attending her first day of kindergarten. As the episode title suggests, it looks like everyone will be learning something. Check out the promo here:

Directly following “Schooled” will be “Snip,” largely focused on Phil and Claire’s plan to finally have a vacation and enjoy life once Luke finishes high school, which means that Phil must get a ‘snip’ to ensure nothing derails their plan. The smaller plot lines seem to be Gloria refusing to believe she needs maternity wear and Mitchell trying to get Cam a job to fill in his spare time. There is no promo for this episode as of yet.

ABC will be happy to have Modern Family back on the air, as Neighbors, a new show on ABC that relied on Modern Family’s lead-in the previous week, was significantly down in ratings. However, it managed to recover thanks to the lead-in from the Presidential debate.

Modern Family returns Wednesday on ABC.

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