The six adult members of Modern Family are suing 20th Century Fox over their contracts. The six claim the contracts are void due to a California law, and they are all calling for raises as the show rakes in more than $164 million in advertising revenue.

While it’s difficult to wade through the legal jargon, here’s what we have surmised based on reports from The Hollywood Reporter and USA Today:

  • All six adult cast members have contracts through the seventh season.
  • There is a California law stating that no contracts can last longer than seven years, and the cast members claim their contract is for slightly longer than seven years.
  • If the contracts are voided, this opens up the option for them to make more money per episode.
  • They were making $65,000 per episode, but they are looking for more like $150,000 an episode, which is less than what is being made by their compadres at Big Bang Theory.
  • Ed O’Neill was originally not a part of those suing, because he makes more per episode than the rest of the cast, but he joined as an act of solidarity with his fellow cast members.

What are your thoughts? If the show makes so much money then don’t the cast members deserve a larger slice of the pie? Are they asking too much?

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