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Long lost ‘Game of Thrones’ characters we want to see again

Lost but never forgotten.

With only two seasons left, Game of Thrones is running out of time to give us closure on some old but unforgotten characters.

Game of Thrones has way too many characters to keep track of, and it certainly can’t show the fates of every character who’s ever graced the screen (unless all of Westeros dies in a dragon’s blaze or White Walker invasion. That would give finite closure on the Westerosi characters).

But there are certain people and animals who made enough of an impression that even after multiple seasons we still haven’t forgotten about them. Hopefully none of them are dead, and we’ll find out where they are and what they’re up to.


Last Appearance: Season 1

I am still steadfast in my belief that Nymeria is rounding up an army of fierce wolves that will help in the White Walker fight. If she truly is anything like Arya, she hasn’t been spending her time sunbathing. She’ll definitely have found herself a pack to lead, if not made a pack, and is dominating a wooded area somewhere.

Nymeria will also grow to be so big that Arya can ride her like a horse when they eventually reunite. How badass would Arya look? Tiny woman in battle armor, brandishing a little sword, riding a giant wolf and destroying everyone in sight. That’s my girl.


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Last Appearance: Season 3

Last we saw Orell, Jon killed his body, resulting in Orell warging into his bird. He didn’t exactly die, but he’s also not completely alive either. So what happens next? Book fans have an idea, but it’s a subject barely touched upon in the show.

Game of Thrones has greatly reduced the amount of warging compared to the book series. We learn about warging exclusively through Bran, who’s only learning himself. Imagine if Orell meets Bran. Orell has much more experience warging and could teach Bran a lot.

This would also mean we’d have to assume Orell wouldn’t be such a jerk when he comes back, but crazier things have happened on this show. Not many, but a few.

Salladhor Saan

Last Appearance: Season 4

Davos’ pirate ‘not friend’ was last seen bathing in Braavos when Davos paid him to join Stannis’ assault on Castle Black. We never actually saw him in the ensuing battle, we were just left to assume he joined. So what happened afterwards?

It’s likely Salladhor up and left after Stannis died. The man he was paid to follow was gone, there was no reason to stick around for Stannis anymore. But did Salladhor leave? Did he go back to Braavos, or is he still in Westeros somewhere? Will one of the other major players hire him? Maybe he’ll get involved in the Greyjoy fight, or join Dany’s troops as they make their way to Westeros.

Or maybe he just sailed away and the series will end with everyone dead except for Salladhor basking in the glory of girls, grapes, and gold.

Syrio Forel

Last Appearance: Season 1

Some might say it’s wishful thinking to hope Syrio will come back. Some might say it’s obvious he died, that we should stop reaching. Just remind those naysayers that Benjen was presumed dead too, and he came back five seasons later.

Game of Thrones is one of those shows where you have to watch with the motto, ‘no body, no death.’ It isn’t enough for one character to assume another character is dead. The Hound wasn’t dead, Bran and Rickon weren’t dead, Benjen wasn’t dead. Even characters that were dead don’t stay dead (the Mountain, Jon Snow, Beric Dondarrion).

It’s also quite an insult to the great Syrio Forel to think that he couldn’t get out of the situation he was in. If the Hound’s word is anything to go by, he too thinks Syrio could still be alive, touting, “Any boy whore worth a sword could beat three Meryn Trants.” Try telling me Syrio is worse than that. The guy was is a sword master, there’s no question he got out of that alive. The real question is whether or not he’ll appear in any of the current characters’ stories.


Last Appearance: Season 3

Did Gendry even make it to land anywhere? For all we know he drowned 10 minutes after Davos sent him away. Of course we don’t want to think that, but anything’s possible.

Assuming Gendry did survive, where would he go? Presumably he’d go back to the Brotherhood Without Banners. However, we saw them last season and Gendry wasn’t with them. Could it be he just hadn’t arrived yet? Time passes peculiarly in Game of Thrones, and who knows what might have stalled him along the way.

It’s unclear how his return could significantly impact the story. As a bastard, he has no legitimate claim to the Throne. His skill as a blacksmith could certainly come in handy for the impending White Walker war, but he’s no wizard. He can’t churn out weapons at an unnatural speed.

If anything he could be a love interest for Arya. After everything she’s been through, and will have gone through, it would be nice for her to have a little fun.

Ser Pounce

Last Appearance: Season 4

Ser Pounce’s fate is one of, if not the biggest cliffhanger of the series.

Who took care of him after Tommen pounced from the window? Do his poops get scooped? Does anyone brush him? Who clips his claws? Did he grow up to be behaved? I shudder to think he was let loose in the streets. How does a royal cat adapt to a homeless lifestyle? Too bad he couldn’t take notes from Arya.

Tycho Nestoris

Last Appearance: Season 5

We last saw this banker at home in Braavos, and given the amount of money he’s owed, we can assume we’ll be seeing him sometime soon. After finding out Cersei has blown up her council, Tycho is sure to be even more insistent that Cersei pay back the money owed.

Maybe if they do interact, Cersei will finally die, because this guy seems cursed. The people he’s been in communication with keep dying. First it was Tywin Lannister, then Stannis Baratheon, then Mace Tyrell. If all Tycho’s use in season 7 or 8 is to indirectly curse Cersei, I’m all for it.

And who wouldn’t want to see Mark Gatiss again, if just for a little bit?

Hot Pie

Last Appearance: Season 4

Admittedly, Hot Pie is unlikely to have an impactful reason to return to the show, but wouldn’t it be nice just to see how he’s doing? Is he still alive? Has he leveled up his bread-making?

Just a cameo would do. As one important character or other is traversing the Kingsroad, they spot an inn at the crossroad. Weary from a long journey, they decide to rest and get a bite to eat at the inn. There they are served by none other than Hot Pie. It’s not much, but just enough to know that someone on this tragic show is actually doing okay, all things considered.

Ilyn Payne

Last Appearance: Season 2

You would think with Cersei needing a new council that she would bring out all the crazies, weirdos, and misfits. Seeing as Ser Ilyn is mute, he’d carry out Cersei’s orders without question, much to her pleasure. But he’s also sadistic, so it’s not likely he’d argue with whatever awful punishment she’d come up with anyway.

Having Ser Ilyn return would also be a great reminder how different Podrick is from his terrifying relative. Blood only runs so deep, people!


Last Appearance: Season 2

We first (and lastly) saw Quaithe in Qarth being mysterious in her hexagon mask and giving cryptic warnings to Dany (through Jorah).

Are we to ever see her again to scare Dany with some final prophecies before the series’ end? Would those warnings impact Dany’s plans of action?

In all realism, we probably won’t ever see Quaithe again. Geographically speaking, it wouldn’t make sense. More likely than not Quaithe’s still in Qarth, and with Dany now in Dragonstone, they’d never run into each other. Unless Quaithe comes to her in a vision. Don’t scoff, anything is possible.

Which long lost ‘Game of Thrones’ character would you most like to see return?

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