For the rest of us not living in the UK with access to Channel 4, we have to wait a day to watch the third season of Misfits online.  But no worries, it’ll add nicely to our Monday night TV line up.


According to IMDB, episode 3×01 is called ‘Vegas, Baby!’ Not only do our favorite community payblowback five get new superpowers, but Alisha and Simon presumably head on over to Las Vegas.  Kodak moment anyone?  Wonder if they all take a holiday to Sin City?  God, can you imagine who and what Nathan would steal/set fire to/screw in Vegas?  Guess we may never know since Robert Sheehan left the show to pursue other means of success and has been replaced by some tatted-up character named Rudy.  Rudy?  Sounds like a killer from Dexter… anyways…  We’re hopefully for the new guy, but Nathan and all his dirty, sexual advances and general douchey tomfoolery will be sorely missed.

So the big first question this season: What shiny, new superpowers is everyone getting? We got a sneak peak at Future Simon (UNF) but it’s hard to guess what his new power will be because he didn’t really show any supernatural abilities except that he could touch Alisha without turning into a raging, kinky, aggressive sex machine.  So maybe his new power will be somewhere along the lines that he’s immune to other people’s powers?  So he’s like the kid in X-Men: The Last Stand whose mutation was the cure for other mutations?  That’s kind of lame, but it did bring him and Alisha together and made for some pretty steamy lovemaking on screen (again UNF).

What do y’all think?  Any guess as to what their new powers will be?

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