Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson has revealed his company Mojang’s next project, an “ambitious” space game titled 0×10 ͨ.

0×10 ͨ will be a hardcore space sim set in the year 281474976712644 AD in “a universe on the brink of extinction,” and is still very early in development, according to the game’s website.

“Each ship has a generator capable of producing a fixed wattage, and everything you connect to it drains wattage. A cloaking field, for example, might require almost all the power from the generator, forcing you to turn off all computers and dim all lights in order to successfully cloak,” the site reads.

“The computer in the game is a fully functioning emulated 16 bit CPU that can be used to control your entire ship, or just to play games on while waiting for a large mining operation to finish.”

Notch has said the game is directly influenced by the worlds of Alien, Elite, Firefly and The Matrix.

Features the team hopes to implement into the title include:

  • Hard science fiction.
  • Lots of engineering.
  • Fully working computer system.
  • Space battles against the AI or other players.
  • Abandoned ships full of loot.
  • Duct tape!
  • Seamlessly landing on planets.
  • Advanced economy system.
  • Random encounters.
  • Mining, trading, and looting.
  • Single and multi player connected via the multiverse.

Notch says players will get the chance to help shape the game during development much like they did with Minecraft.

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