9:45 am EDT, June 14, 2018

Millie Bobby Brown latest actor to be bullied off Twitter

By Hypable Staff

In a new, frustrating report, it seems Stranger Things actor Millie Bobby Brown is the latest actor to be driven off social media thanks to online bullying from toxic fans.

14-year-old Millie Bobby Brown blew audiences away with her performance as Eleven in Stranger Things and Stranger Things 2. A talented actor with a real love for her fans, she always brought a fun energy to interviews, fan interactions, and her social media page. However, thanks to hateful interactions from fans, Brown has decided to close her Twitter account.

According to Deadline, for the past 7 months the hashtag #TakeDownMilleBobbyBrown has been circulating the internet. What started as an in-joke quickly grew to full-on viral status. Altered images made to make Brown appear homophobic and “confessions” of homophobic interactions with the child actor have filled the Twittersphere. Brown, a vocal LGBT advocate, finally had enough of being targeted and closed her Twitter.

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Of course, it’s always upsetting to see fan harassment make a celebrity feel so unsafe on social media that they wipe their accounts, but this situation is even more frustrating because Brown is a child. This kind of targeted bullying against a kid who has been doing a great deal to advocate for LGBT individuals seems like a new brand of toxic fandom.

The subject of toxic fandom has been all over the news lately, as Brown isn’t the first celebrity that has been driven off social media. Star Wars actor Kelly Marie Tran wiped her Instagram after fan harassment just a few weeks ago. Long before Tran wiped her Instagram, Star Wars actor Daisy Ridley also bowed out of social media thanks to harassment from internet trolls.

Addressing and dealing with toxic fans online is nothing new, but the conversation against online bullying and toxic fandom has been gaining traction since Tran’s forced departure from Instagram. With online bullying now targeting a literal child, it’s definitely well past time for some change.

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