Merlin: The Game is finally open to everyone after months of waiting and an excruciating closed beta period (unless you were invited, that is)!

The folks at Bossa Studios have been working on fixing bugs and tweaking gameplay, readying the Merlin Facebook game for the public. And although it is still in “open beta” form, that still means that everyone can play. So head on over to Facebook to check it out now!

This exciting news was announced via the Merlin Game‘s Twitter:

Merlin: The Game offers fans of the BBC series a chance to enter the magical world of Camelot, playing as a character of their own design and fighting alongside Merlin against a variety of magical foes. You can earn credits in-game which you then use to get more advanced weapons and equipment, which will allow you to advance and learn more skills. You have both the powers of the warlock and the warrior – both of which you’ll need as the monsters get tougher and the challenges get more intense.

Aside from Merlin himself, the other characters we know and love also appear, and although you can’t directly engage them, when you approach them fun things might happen – walking past Gwen and Arthur, for example, might trigger a cute little flirting scene.

We here at Hypable have had the chance to both interview the creators of the game and review it while it was still in closed beta, and those of us who have had a chance to play all agree that it is a recipe for hours of fun!

The game is hosted on Facebook, which allows you to team up with your friends in multiplayer mode. Sign up now to get started, and let us know what you think!

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