For Merlin fans dreading the end of the show, we’ve got more bad news for you: the final episode has been moved to December 24.

The BBC’s online TV schedule doesn’t let us look very far in advance, but all press releases have previously stated that the final episode would be airing on December 29.

But now, the British television guide DigiGuide has released their listings for December, and it reveals that the final episode of Merlin will in fact air December 24.

BBC’s Head of Communications Sam Hodges has since confirmed this on Twitter:

Just to clear up the schedule if you are now as utterly confused as we are: The 10th episode of the season is set to air this Saturday, December 8. Episode 11 airs on December 15, and then the penultimate episode of the series will air on December 22. Two days later, we get the grand finale, episode 13, which will air at 20:15 GMT on BBC One.

Wow. If we didn’t already feel like the BBC sprung the end of the show on us with very little notice, we definitely do now. It’s time to dust off our open letter, we think.

Are you sad that Merlin is ending five days sooner than we’d originally thought? Or relieved that you won’t have to wait very long in between the final two episodes?

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