The official Merlin Twitter has released one page from a series 5 script, showing a dialogue exchange between Merlin and Arthur.

@MerlinOfficial tweeted the following, writing, “Since the #MerlinFamily is clearly the best in the world… HERE IS PART OF THE NEW #MERLIN SERIES 5 SCRIPT!”:

Merlin series 5 script

In the scene, it seems like Merlin, Arthur and the knights are camping out (or at least outside), preparing to fight against Morgana in a place called Ismere. Merlin expresses concern that Morgana is too dangerous, and Arthur reveals that he is worried for his men, who are, “More than friends, more than brothers.”

In a recent video interview, Rupert Young (Leon) and Eoin Macken (Gwaine) talk about how Arthur has really come to rely on his knights since his father died. And in the two years that have passed since the series 4 finale, it seems like the bond between the king and his men has only grown stronger.

You can see a brief exchange between Arthur and Gwen’s brother Sir Elyan in a new sneak peek for the premiere episode of series 5, “Arthur’s Bane,” and read the description of the episode here on Hypable.

And don’t forget to check out Hypable’s brand new Merlin podcast, “Talks of Camelot“!

The episode airs this Saturday, at 7:45 PM on BBC One.

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