The Merlin stars Colin Morgan, Bradley James and Katie McGrath speak about their characters’ journeys and preview season 5 in a new interview.

Speaking to Metro News Canada, Colin Morgan (Merlin) describes the evolution of his own and Bradley James’ (Arthur) characters over the five seasons of Merlin, saying, “When we first met Merlin, he was a young man and Arthur (Bradley James) was a young prince.” Over the last five years, “my character has gone from being a poodle to an Irish wolfhound. It’s been a big learning curve for him as well as Arthur. They’ve grown up together, both as characters and in their friendship.”

Describing the pair’s relationship, Morgan says that, “Merlin and Arthur are essentially complete opposites, but have to work side-by-side towards the same goal.”

James adds that while there is a deep intensity to what the characters go through, “I’ve always liked when the two of them are facing certain doom and they bring a lightness to the situation.”

Morgan also speaks about leaving the show behind, saying, “I think we all agree what we’ll miss most will be the people. We had to do a lot of things bordering on the ridiculous to the emotionally charged, and without the support of everyone working on the show, that could have been very difficult, but it wasn’t. It was a genuinely enjoyable experience.”

McGrath previews the season 5 opener (which will air in January), saying, “If it’s possible, [Morgana] is now more determined than before, and maybe a little bit crazy, too.

The actors (including Angel Coulby, who plays Gwen) have also recorded video messages for the show’s Canadian fan base:

If you haven’t yet seen Merlin‘s fifth and final season, are you excited? In America, the SyFy channel will begin airing the episodes next Friday, January 4, when at 10/9c you can see Merlin and Arthur embark on a dangerous mission to rescue the knights in “Arthur’s Bane, Part 1.”

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