See the images released ahead of Saturday’s Merlin episode “The Hollow Queen,” and read 10 teasing lines of dialogue!

The following promotional images were released by The BBC and posted online at Digital Spy:

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In the pictures you see Mordred with Arthur, and also some nice stills of Arthur and Guinevere in their gorgeous costumes. Merlin is seen protecting the druid boy Daegal (Alfie Stewart), and there are a few shots of what we presume are the episode’s antagonists Sarrum (John Shrapnel) and Albin.

See the lines of dialogue released on SpoilerTV, and help us figure out what the censored-out words mean:

“There’s no need for your sword” Gwen to ?

“It’s a long way north of dangerous!” ? to Merlin

“He also has a fondness for assassinating his friends” ? to Arthur

“You’ll be glad when *e*** comes” ? to Merlin

“At night you could hear its cries; they were even more heart breaking than Morgana” Sarrum to ?

“I’m not sure I believe you” ? to Gwen

“I need to warn Arthur before it’s too late” ? to Daegal

“If you value your lives, you won’t take another step” Merlin to ?

“She had magic, and Uther killed her for it” ? to Merlin

“We have to do something about her” ? to Gaius

Merlin 5×08 “The Hollow Queen” airs Saturday at 20:00 GMT on BBC One. Are you excited for this episode? Can you believe that Gwen is still under Morgana’s evil influence?! We’re starting to wonder if it’s even possible to bring her back to the good side at this point…

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