9:05 am EDT, April 26, 2019

New ‘Men in Black: International’ trailer highlights its most dangerous foe yet

A new trailer for Men in Black: International is here, and this time the organization is facing down an alien threat unlike any before.

The Men in Black franchise is back at it with Men in Black: International! In the latest trailer from the flick, we not only get a better look at the fabulous duo of Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, but we also learn about the Hive, the most formidable foe MIB has ever faced.

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MIB has certainly faced a lot of powerful aliens over the years, but the Hive looks like it will take more than ever before to restore peace to Earth. As a strong race of aliens who not only appear to be able to regenerate but who can also take on the appearance of anyone — even other MIB agents — this is bound to be a fight like no other.

The good news is, the Men in Black have put some of their best people on the case. Agent H (Hemsworth) is teaming up with his new partner, Agent M (Thompson). M was a bit unique in that she wasn’t recruited by MIB like so many other agents, but she ended up spending years chasing down the shadowy organization after a childhood encounter with them. So if anyone is going to have the creativity and quick-thinking skills to take down a group of aliens with intense power and a mimic ability, it’s going to be M!

Thankfully, H and M aren’t alone, as they also have the help from their tiny alien friend, Pawny (Kumail Nanjiani). From what we can see in this trailer, Agent M, Agent H, and Pawny make a great team, and they all seem to have pretty spectacular chemistry. Men in Black: International is certainly looking like an amazing franchise reboot, and we can’t wait to see what our favorite alien-fighting organization has been up to since we last encountered them in 2012.

Men in Black: International hits theaters on June 14.

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