While Parks and Rec won’t air this week, news is surfacing about Season 5. Megan Mullally, best known as Karen from Will and Grace, returns to Parks and Recreation season 5 to reprise her role as Ron’s second ex-wife Tammy. Only Mullally could be a worthy opponent of Ron Swanson’s new attraction: Diane, played by Lucy Lawless.

It will be a battle for the story books: Nick Offerman, aka Ron Swanson’s, real-life wife, the illustrious and fabulous Megan Mullally versus the woman who brought us Xena, Warrior Princess, Lucy Lawless. The two ladies will battle it out this season for Ron Swanson. Who will come out alive?

Remember that last time Tammy tried to come back and control Ron — season 4, episode 2 — he lost his beloved mustache during a faux IRS audit, and Leslie (Amy Poehler) drank herself into a stupor to defeat Tammy One and Ron’s mother Tammy in the “Battle Royale” for Ron.

This showdown did lead to some of the best Leslie moments of all time, aka her destroying her office and holding up a small doll with a large white shirt on and exclaiming, “What is that?” So if it becomes a battle for Ron between Lawless and Mullally, we can only hope it will lead to more magical drunk Leslie moments.

But enough about Leslie. Mullally returns to the show as Tammy Two — the one who made Ron corn-row his hair — and NBC reps told Entertainment Weekly that she is going to wreak more havoc on Ron’s life. “She does what she’s best at: trying to ruin Ron’s life,” executive producer Michael Schur said in the EW article. “It’s kind of the ultimate test of Ron’s relationship with Diane. And also the ultimate mission for Ron’s emotional guardian, Leslie Knope.”

We could not be more excited about Mullally’s return. What do you hope happens between her and Lawless and Leslie? What kind of smack down is worthy of these three incredibly talented ladies? Who will win Ron?

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