7:15 pm EDT, October 8, 2012

Matthew Perry says ‘Friends’ and ‘Go On’ are his two favorite roles

Matthew Perry talked to the press about his favorite characters to play and his experience so far on Go On.

Matthew Perry spoke with reporters, including Hypable, in a conference call about which characters that he’s played are his favorites:

“I loved playing Chandler, I grew up playing that part. In all honesty it’s probably Chandler and this character I’m playing now. The character of Ryan King is a very deep, enriching character to play because he’s going through so much and he’s also being very funny about it. I guess I would say Chandler and Ryan King.”

Matthew Perry talked about why he chose to join Go On:

“It was written really well. I was looking to do a drama. I was sent this, and it was obviosuly a comedy. I could tell by the amount of pages it was a comedy. I called my manager and said, ‘Why did you send me this?’ and he said, ‘Just read it.’ I realized it had all of the elements I was looking for. It was definitely funny and it posed a big dramatic challenge.”

Go On is a very sad story, and that posed a challenge:

“Nobody knew whether people were going to laugh at these sad situations. I think it was the third episode when I had said it was hard to tell people that my wife had passed away, I should just get vanity plates that say it and everybody start pitching what those vanity plates should say. Everybody starts pitching on what those vanity plates should say, like ‘NOMO WIFE’ or ‘DEAD WIFE’ and that was a really risky scene and people loved it. Then we knew that people were going to laugh at this stuff:

Matthew Perry talked about how he wasn’t the first person to claim a role on Go On, Julie White was:

“Julie White was the first person hired, she was even hired before I was. I knew they were going for great people because she’s this wonderful broadway actress. She is just terrific. She plays a role that could be dismissed as being not very likable because she’s very angry and she can be mean from time to time, but you still pull for her because you know that she’s had this loss in her life.”

Matthew Perry talked about future guest stars Bob Kostas and Rich Eisen:

“There’s an episode coming up that Bob Kostas and Rich Eisen are both in. Bob Kostas calls my character, Ryan King, and says that he’s a really big fan of the show and wants to give me a tryout for a national TV job and Rich Eisen is a competitor. I do get my shot with Bob Kostas and as you can imagine given the fact that [Go On] is a comedy, it doesn’t go well.”

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Go On was ordered for a full season.

Go On airs on Tuesday at 9 PM on NBC.

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