12:00 pm EST, December 24, 2013

The Eleventh Doctor’s best quotes

As Matt Smith’s reign as the Doctor is about to come to a close with the Christmas Special, we look back on his most quotable moments throughout the past three seasons.

By far the youngest Doctor so far, Smith was only 26 when he started the show, but brought an indisputable exuberance and witty charm to the character, while still retaining some moments of seriousness. He was the Raggedy Man, the Mad Man with a Box, and the Oncomming Storm.

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He brought some of the shows best moments: Fish fingers and custard, Vincet van Gogh, Idris, The Pandorica, the 50th Anniversary, and many, many more. He popularized the bow tie and the fez. Whether or not he is your favorite doctor, he definitely made a huge impact on the show.

So what were the Eleventh Doctor’s best moments? That is hard to call, but these are our favorite quotes:

‘The Eleventh Hour’ (season 5, episode 1)


‘Vincent and the Doctor’ (season 5, episode 10)


‘The Pandorica Opens’ (season 5, episode 12)


‘A Christmas Carol’ (season 6, Christmas special)


‘A Good Man Goes to War’ (season 6, episode 7)


‘The Power of Three’ (season 7, episode 4)


‘The Rings of Akhaten’ (season 7, episode 7)


‘The Name of the Doctor’ (season 7, episode 13)


‘The Day of the Doctor’ (The 50th Anniversary Special)


Two exciting and ominous trailers for the Christmas Special have been released which can be viewed here and here. Additionally, some stills have been released, giving some insight into Trenzalore’s Christmas Town and the variety of villains you can expect to see on Wednesday.

We will say farewell to Matt and welcome in Peter Capaldi on Christmas Day, Wednesday, December 25 BBC One at 7:30 pm GST, and on BBC America at 9:00 pm eastern. Make sure to have your tissues ready!

What were your favorite Matt Smith quotes?

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