At the premiere of The Monuments Men, actor Matt Damon revealed that he’s seen Batman’s new suit and talks about Ben Affleck playing the role of the caped crusader.

MTV caught up with Matt Damon at The Monuments Men premiere and he gushed over the new Bat suit, as well as his friend of 30 years playing the role of Bruce Wayne. Watch the interview with MTV below:

Damon says, “I have seen a picture. It’s excellent. And I’ve talked to him about the storyline, and it’s great.” He then went on to explain that he’d tell Affleck if he thought taking the role was a terrible idea, seeing as they’ve been friends since childhood.

new batman suit jim leeDamon continued saying, “Look, I’ve known him for thirty-something years, I’d be the first guy being like, ‘Buddy, what are you doing?’ But I think the movie is going to be great.”

It’s nice to see Damon backing up his childhood friend and writing partner – essentially endorsing him as a great choice for Batman in Warner Bros. untitled Man of Steel sequel.

But Matt isn’t the first to see the new Bat suit, as Ben Affleck’s wife also revealed that she’d seen the suit during the red carpet at the Golden Globes.

Affleck’s friend and director Kevin Smith said on twitter that he’d seen the suit and that fans will be extremely excited about the new look.

Smith said, “You have not seen this costume in a movie on film before. For a comic book fan it was mind bending. I was like get the f**k out of here. Only you have enough power to pull this off, man, because everyone always does this f**king matrixy kind of slash X-men black armor thing. There wasn’t a single nipple on this suit.”

We’ve heard reports that the suit is a combination of grey and black in the sequel, looking similar to the one designed by artist Jim Lee seen above.

While the Batman Vs Superman film’s release date has been delayed until May 6, 2016, we’re sure that with a couple pictures floating around we’re bound to get a glimpse of the newly designed suit soon.

Matt Damon’s film The Monuments Men hits theaters this Friday.

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