Matt Bomer to join ‘The New Normal’

10:17 pm EST, October 10, 2012

Ryan Murphy, the co-creator of The New Normal, tweeted earlier today that fans can expect Matt Bomer to join the cast for an episode.

Besides starring on Glee, Bomer’s other credentials include White Collar as well as playing the returning character Bryce Larkin on Chuck. Ali Adler, the other half behind the creation of The New Normal, also tweeted about Bomer joining the show, letting Chuck fans know to check out the former cast member in a new role.

What role will Bomer be playing? According to Ryan Murphy’s tweet, he will be playing Bryan’s (Andrew Rannells) “sexy ex boyfriend.” This will be an interesting development in the relationship between Bryan and David’s (Justin Bartha), because so far we’ve seen them pretty happy and committed to one another. Perhaps Bomer will throw a wrench in their happiness? The show is a comedy, so it’s more likely we’ll get some enjoyable laughs from the two, David being jealous or Bryan trying to show Bomer how happy he is without him.

In addition to Matt Bomer, Murphy has also previously announced that Nicole Richie and George Takei will be making a guest appearance during the season.

What do you think Matt Bomer’s plot line should involve? Trying to get Bryan back, or being there to make David jealous?

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