Fans of Netflix’s Master of None can rest a bit easier knowing that if Aziz Ansari has his way, we’ll get another chapter of Dev’s story.

The co-creator of the series recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter where he revealed that he’d be interested in making more Master of None. That being said, fans might have to wait patiently for Ansari and co-creator Alan Yang to deliver.

“I’d rather we not end it here,” Ansari told THR. “I don’t know when that is, years from now or whatever. Ideally I’d like to make more because I love the team of people and the whole process. I’m just happy I could do the show.”

Though Ansari confessed that he’s got some ideas as to what he might like to tackle story-wise if season 3 ever comes to fruition, the actor was quick to clarify that it’s nowhere near a full season’s worth of material.

The fact that Ansari is now at a place where he’s entertained a few ideas that could pop up in season 3 is a pretty big deal. Especially when you take into account what the actor said with regards to Master of None season 3 earlier this summer.

“For me it’s a little stress inducing. Alan once said it best: It’s like we just gave birth to a kid and they’re like, When are you gonna have another kid?,” said Ansari in an interview with GQ with regards to a third season. “I just feel like I’ve said a lot…Now I need a minute to refill my notebook. My life has not progressed enough for me to write season 3 yet.”

Here’s hoping we’ll get to see more of Master of None somewhere down the line!

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