11:30 am EST, January 7, 2015

Eight Marvel spinoff shows that need to happen

Last night, Agent Carter hit our television screens and made quite an impact. This got us thinking: What other Marvel spinoff shows do we want need to happen?

We’ve already got the genius (and emotional rollercoaster) that is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and (now) Agent Carter, which are both excellent shows. Since Marvel can do no wrong, why shouldn’t we be pushing for more fun spinoffs?

While there are quite a few Marvel spinoffs that could happen or that we’d all be interested in seeing, these eight series are our top choices!

‘Lady Sif and the Warriors Three’

Lady Sif and the Warriors Three

Lady Sif is like the Peggy Carter of Asgard and the Warriors Three, the Howling Commandos. The only difference between Lady Sif and Peggy is that Peggy has had more on-screen development. Lady Sif is a strong leading lady who has yet to have her chance to shine, therefore more than deserving of her own show. We would love to see how she became the leader of the Warriors Three, especially when the warriors are all formidable in their own right. Marvel’s slowly learning how much we all love to see strong women in action, especially when they’re carrying their own shows and movies. Plus, we’re all for on-screen ensembles. Watching these four would be truly entertaining.

‘What Happens In Budapest’

Black Widow and Hawkeye

Every day, we find ourselves wondering how the Battle of New York was, in Black Widow’s words, “just like Budapest.” We seriously want to know what happened there. We also want to know how Black Widow and Hawkeye became friends and just what caused Barton to make a different call when sent to eliminate Black Widow. If we can’t get a movie for either one, we’d like to at least have a series. What better concept for a series than a pre-Avengers “origin” story?

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‘Hail Hydra’


We’re not really sure where Agent Carter will be going this season, but our guess is that the show won’t possibly be able to cover how Hydra came to have such a grip on S.H.I.E.L.D. While we don’t think that this idea really needs a long-running series, we think it would be really interesting to follow Dr. Arnim Zola as he helps Hydra thrive once more. We would love to see the organization grow and maybe get a different view on Hydra. Yep, we think that a miniseries about Hydra (similar to what they’re doing with Agent Carter) would work just fine.

‘Rocket and Groot: Partners in Crime’

Rocket and Groot

We fell in love with this dynamic duo from the very first moment that they appeared on screen. They’re the perfect pair in that they balance each other well while both being able to charm us and scare us in their own ways. The thing is, they had probably been working together for years before the events of Guardians of the Galaxy. What we’d love would be a series that was all about the origin of their partnership and their (mis)adventures in bounty hunting. We’d be getting to know two of our favorite MCU characters while also seeing them in action by themselves. Just think about how many prison breaks we could see them pull off! This is a great idea. We just know it.

‘Hawkeye & Hawkweye’

Clint Barton and Kate Bishop

So here’s what we have in mind: The current Hawkeye run by Matt Fraction is more than just impressive. It’s one of the best series that we’ve read in a long while. One of the parts we love most about it is the relationship between Clint Barton and his “protege” Kate Bishop. For those of you who haven’t yet read the comics, Kate goes under the moniker of “Hawkeye” as well. We envision a series that follows the two as they fight crime in their city. It would be an adaptation of the comic series and the Avengers spinoff that Clint Barton deserves.



There’s a large chunk of time that passed between when Peter Quill was first abducted from Earth and from when we see him singing into strange reptiles and dancing along to “Come and Get Your Love.” 26 years, in fact. We would love to see a show that focuses on Yondu’s colorful band of Ravagers (Kraglin included) and Star-Lord’s extra-terrestrial upbringing. We’re imagining a show full of heists, comedy, and even more ’80s references. It would be perfect. Honestly, more than anything, we really just want to see Baby Star-Lord on our screens more often.

‘Stark Industries, Maria Hill Speaking’

Maria Hill Stark Industries

Just how can Maria Hill be satisfied by working for Stark Industries? What is she doing? How is she not bored?! We have so many questions about former Agent Hill’s current status and we actually think it would be an interesting concept for a series. We could totally see her as an HR rep by day and crime-fighter by night. With the whole of Stark Industries technology and resources at her disposal (and with her intelligence and specific set of skills), we could see this being extremely interesting.

‘Science Bros’

Science Bros

Because “Science Bros,” yo! Alright, so this may be really really wishful thinking on our part, but wouldn’t a series focusing on Tony Stark and Bruce Banner being nerdy and awesome be amazing? Heck, we’d even take something as small and non-committal as a webseries if it meant that we could see more of the Science Bros hanging out together. Come on Marvel, make it happen! This is our #1 choice for a Marvel spinoff series. Hands down.

What Marvel spinoff show would you like to see?

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