Get ready to yell, cry, and go into denial. It looks a fan favorite will be killed off on a mystery TV series in the fall.

We’re still a few months out from the fall tv season but networks are already preparing to shock fans. In what is probably a move to keep fans on the edge of their seats. TV Line reports that an hour-long drama series on one of the big networks is going to kill off a very popular character.

Which means it may or may not be a main character. They’re comparing it to a move that How to Get Away With Murder would make. Apparently the kill would be in the season premiere, and then the series would go back in time to show what happened prior to the death.

Overall, they believe the storyline will take place during eight weeks. It’s not clear how many episodes would be involved though.

It’s reportedly one of the following TV series:

– The Exorcist
– The Blacklist
– Supergirl
– Blindspot
– Scorpion
– Designated Survivor
– Scandal
– Elementary

Here are some guesses from the Hypable staff on what show it may be:

Danielle: My first instinct is to say Winn or even James (or maybe Cat Grant) on Supergirl, but that had better not be true. It being Supergirl at all had better not be true.

Kristen: My gut has me thinking Blindspot. I’m still a handful of episodes behind from this past season, but I would believe that they would kill a popular main character and then do the time-flippy thing to investigate.

Erica: It really could be any of the shows listed. The HTGAWM nod made me think Scandal. We know Shonda loves to kill fan favorite characters and this being Scandal‘s last season, I could see some dramatic deaths happening. It would be a fitting way to send off certain characters.

What TV series do you think will kill off a fan favorite?

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