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‘The Magicians’ season 4, episode 8 review: Dragons, quests, sex, magic

The Napster, dragon spooge, sexual voodoo dolls, landscaping, mother/daughter reunions — The Magicians season 4, episode 8 “Home Improvement,” had it all. And then some.

That sentence up there is a good example of why I love writing about The Magicians. I mean, how many shows can boast that sort of variety of topics in one episode? But the beauty of The Magicians is its ability to put these many different elements in one episode and move the story along without you even realizing they’re doing it. I’d call it sleight of hand, but that would be corny, right?

I mean, if you break it down to brass tacks, we have another piece of Monster Eliot’s body, Alice got the spell she needed to help Zelda save Harriett, and Fen is destined to dethrone (bloodily if necessary) High King Margo. But it’s how we got there that’s the real treasure and, boy is it shiny.

Here’s my review of The Magicians season 4, episode 8!

Fen’s Quest and the Dreamlady

If there’s one thing that allows women to really get to know one another, it’s traveling and doing manual labor together. You’re much more likely to be honest when you’re hot, sweaty, cranky, and tired. So while SeerLady Dreamcat (Tara Karsian) was a fraud, her chores did give Fen and Margo a little one-on-one bonding time.

I think more people than Margo have underestimated Fen but Margo’s the one who likely needed the realization that, while Fen may be both unsure of herself and a little too trusting, she’s a smart, capable woman who pays a lot more attention to things than you may think. I’m glad Margo’s come to realize that Fen’s got an onion’s worth of layers.

Shes also prone to putting others before herself, so I was glad to see The Napster challenged her on her original choice to give away her chance to see her destiny and I was doubly happy to see Fen choose herself and her own destiny even if it IS to dethrone High King Margo in front of all the leaders of the world, violently if necessary. Take the crown. Even if that means drenching it in her blood.

As Margo would say, “Well, shit.”

The Magicians season 4, episode 8

Alice and Zelda make a deal; mommy issues abound

Here in The Magicians season 4, episode 8, Alica has been in the mirror world and made it out. Harriet is trapped there and Zelda needs help getting her out. Ipso facto, Zelda needs Alice Quinn’s help. Negotiations are handled and Alice is off to get a necessary spell from her mother.

This mother and daughter reunion didn’t just top the awkward meter for so many of us with strained familial relationships, but it dropped a nice bit of exposition about how The Library is now monitoring magic use. That’s not ominous or anything.

Ultimately, however, the visit ends on a positive note, even if we’re talking about Alice/Stephanie positive here. Alice gains a better understanding of her mother, gets the spell, and even shares a brief but loving moment with her.

Zelda, for her part, honors her deal to increase magic rations to Brakebills and produce Sheila. Except Sheila’s joined the order which isn’t what Alice was hoping for. On the plus side, Sheila swears she’s doing good work and, because she’s a junior Librarian, her book is in the poison room so it saves Alice’s modified backstory. It’s hard to argue with that benefit.

Poppy, Dragonquests and a Cranky Monster Eliot

Of course Poppy Cline is involved in the theft of a magical draconic item. I mean, it’s Poppy. A very, very pregnant Poppy.

If your ultimate goal is to get a magic rock that once belonged to a now-dead god, why not wrap the quest to get it up in a dragon quest? That’s just common sense!

Dragon spooge, dragon eggs, dragon porn, Falcor-besotted Quentin, Penny licking eggs. This was everything. I may have rewound and watched this whole thing a couple of times.

I felt bad for Quentin. For a second there, he thought he was going to be a dad and it felt like it touched echoes of 3×05 “A Life In The Day” as he remembered what that was like before realizing it wasn’t his baby.

Poppy’s all ready to be a mama now. That’s gonna be…interesting.

Julia, Kady, and Lovelady

Talk about an alliance you’d never have seen coming in season 1. But something about all of this works in a way. Kady’s looking for a mission, Pete’s paying back a life debt and Julia’s got bigger things on her plate beyond being mad about something that happened years ago when she was human.

Here’s Julia just trying to figure out what she even is and The East River Dragon seems rather adamant that she get herself back into actual goddess mode, like, yesterday.

According to Harold, the herald of said dragon, Julia must seek The Binder. Whatever that means.

Anyone else here wish all these people giving out prophecies and quests were a tad more explanatory?

Quick comments/Questions:

  • Poor Lovelady. He’s so excited to tell our Magicians that dragons are real and they’re like, “Yeah, we know.”
  • Penny having to give that message to Kady. That hurt.
  • The Dragonriders of Porn. I died. I’m dead now.
  • Thumb-heavy casting. It’s the little things about this show that tickle me the most.
  • Sexual voodoo doll revenge on The Librarians may be my new favorite thing ever.
  • Benedict Cumberdouche.
  • If you ever need someone to negotiate for you, hire Dean Fogg.

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