Last week we told you that a small cast and crew were headed to Hawaii to film a couple scenes for Mad Men‘s sixth season.

Photos from the shoot are now online and show Mr. and Mrs. Draper on a beach. Spoiler alert!

The majority of the photos depict Jon Hamm (Don Draper) and Jessica Paré (Megan Draper) relaxing by the Hawaiian seashore in their finest ’60s bathing suits, but a couple others show Don participating in an unknown character’s wedding.

This is the very start of filming for season 6, so we wouldn’t be surprised if this particular scene happens in the premiere episode. Mad Men is expected to return this spring.

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Whose wedding do you think Don and Megan are attending?

Season 5 ended with Don about to say yes or no to a woman asking if he was alone at a bar. The scene was critical in that Don had stayed loyal to Megan the entire season while helping with her acting career. These Hawaii scenes suggest that things are good between the couple at the start of season 6, but it doesn’t answer if Don ended up cheating on her at the end of season 5.

Photo credit: Daily Mail.

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