Mad Men’s final season kicked off Sunday evening with an episode that brought us into April 1970.

Don and his co-workers — notably, none of his family — starred in Mad Men’s mid-season 7 premiere. Episode 8, titled “Severance,” was filled with a bunch of weird moments. Here are the highlights!

RIP Rachel: Don’s thoughts about his series premiere love interest Rachel Katz — who first appeared on the show during Mad Men season 1, episode 1 — came to him in a dream when he was thinking about what to do with Topaz. When he tried to reach out to her in present day to ask if she’d include Topaz at Menken’s department store, he learned she just died of leukemia. Poor Don! As soon as he wished to reconnect with her — after all of these years — he finds out she just died. What an awful coincidence. Understandably the news upsets Don, and left him kicking off the final seven episodes in his very familiar state of sadness. Even though Don had to suffer some horrible news, it was an interesting albeit weird full circle moment for viewers.

As he noted at Rachel’s sitting shiva (that he was rejected from participating in), he’s now without Rachel, Betty, and Megan. Hard times for Draper. “Is that all there is?”

Meet Di: Speaking of Don, the lead character got laid this episode, and for once, he wasn’t trying to make it happen. After meeting a waitress named Di at a diner and thinking he recognizes her, he returns to the eatery the next day and is led to the back alley where they bang. Don was taken aback by her interest, and we later learn she did it because of the big tip Roger had left. Thanks, Roger!

One can assume Di looked familiar to Don because he saw a resemblance to Rachel. It remains to be seen whether or not Don will be coming back to the diner to ask her out on a date, but it seems unlikely. “I just want to sit here,” he tells her at the end of the episode on his third visit.


Objectified: Peggy and Joan struggled with how to boost Topaz’s sales. The tough situation led them to be treated horribly by sexist assholes who represent Macy’s. If that wasn’t bad enough, they turned against each other over how they were treated by the hungry men. Elsewhere in the episode, Peggy went on a date with Mathis’s brother-in-law, who she tried to flee to Paris with — if only she hadn’t lost her passport.

Employee Turned Client: After getting fired from Sterling Cooper, Ken turned the tables on Roger when he became the head of advertising at Dow Fertilizer — who Sterling Cooper creates ads for. Ken promised to be a pain in the ass to work with in order to seek revenge on his old boss. We can’t wait to see how that plays out over the next few weeks.

Do you like the direction ‘Mad Men’ is heading in these final 7 episodes?

Mad Men season 7 continues next Sunday, April 12 at 10 p.m. eastern/pacific on AMC.

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