We’ve been wondering just what’s going to happen when Mad Men season 6 premieres in a little under two weeks, and the first four episode titles and descriptions give us a hint.

In Zap2it’s TV listings, the episode titles and descriptions for the first four episodes of Mad Men season 6 have been revealed. Of course, the first two episodes are a two part episode, so we really only see three different titles and descriptions.

6×01, 6×02 ‘The Doorway’

We’ve known for a while that the Mad Men season 6 premiere would take place at least partially in Hawaii, as Don would be there for a wedding. According to Showbiz411, Don’s there as a best man at a soldier’s wedding. Assuming this is a soldier from Don’s war days, the soldier probably knows him as Dick Whitman, so that should be interesting. According to Entertainment Online, we’ll also see Megan’s acting career. It’s apparently going well enough that she gets stopped for autographs, but fans also comment on her weight.

Don spearheads a new campaign; Roger gets unsettling news; Betty takes in a houseguest.

As the description only describes plot details that would have to happen in New York, it looks like the majority of the episode won’t be in Hawaii. We’re curious as to what “The Doorway” is hinting at. Perhaps a new opportunity will come along for someone.

6×03 ‘The Collaborators’

If we had to guess, “The Collaborators” sounds like Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce will be collaborating on a project. We’d be surprised if it was a competing firm, but you never know.

Don has a disagreement with a client; Pete entertains a guest; Peggy tries to motivate the staff.

6×04 ‘To Have and to Hold’

We’re getting a wedding in the premiere, so another one in the fourth episode would be a surprise. Upon hearing “To Have and to Hold,” that’s all that comes to mind.

The partners try to keep a secret campaign under wraps; an old friend visits Joan.

What do you think of these ‘Mad Men’ episode titles and descriptions?

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