AMC announces ‘Mad Men’ season 7 return date

12:08 pm EDT, January 10, 2015

Break out the whiskey glasses! AMC has announced when the second half of Mad Men season 7 will begin to air.

The final seven episodes of Mad Men season 7 – which may be considered season 8 by some viewers who think a year off means this is an entirely new season – will air beginning Sunday, April 5 at 10 p.m. eastern/pacific on AMC.

Prior to the start of the final season in 2014, AMC had decided to split the final season of Mad Men into two halves and add one additional episode so each half of the season could receive an equal number of episodes.

The network decided to do this move for the final season of Breaking Bad, and to great effect: Ratings for the final half rose dramatically, thanks in part to a ton of people binge watching the show on Netflix.

Will splitting the final season have the same effect on Mad Men? Since the story is less dramatic, and it doesn’t seem like Matt Weiner’s show is building up to a big moment, it’s doubtful that the ratings will rise for the final seven outside of a natural bump due to curiosity.

As usual, any hints about what we can expect in the final episodes has yet to be unveiled.

On the last episode of Mad Men we lost a beloved character and Don was still dealing with a world of relationship problems. Read our recap for more!

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