The Lumineers secretly debuted their new Catching Fire song titled “Gale Song” at a live event last week, and it’s available now for your listening pleasure.

The band, best known for their song “Ho Hey,” premiered “Gale Song” at a Seattle event last weekend during a concert in Marymoor Park broadcast by 107.7 The End. The station writes, “While initially it went unknown whether the song debuted in their encore was to be featured on their new album or was simply a something the band had drummed up while on tour, we can now confirm the track will appear on the forthcoming Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack.”

Listen to and watch “Gale Song” below:

Since this is a live performance, it’s important to remember that the studio recording may sound different on the Catching Fire soundtrack. Gale is played by Liam Hemsworth in the movie series.

This is the third song we’ve heard from the upcoming compilation for the highly-anticipated Hunger Games sequel. Coldplay’s “Atlas” was the first song to be released, and yesterday Christina Aguilera’s new song “We Remain” dropped.

The Catching Fire soundtrack will hit store shelves on November 19, and the movie will open in theaters three days later on Friday, November 22.

Thanks to Cora for the tip!

What do you think of ‘Gale Song’ by The Lumineers?

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