9:49 am EST, February 15, 2016

Luke Skywalker remains silent in first ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ teaser

We appear to have our first footage from Star Wars: Episode VIII. Plus, there's big casting news!

Believe it or not, Disney has released the first teaser for Star Wars: Episode VIII, featuring Luke Skywalker and Rey.

Okay, so we have to wait an extra seven months for Star Wars: Episode VIII. But we bet you didn’t think we’d be getting our first teaser this soon!

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To mark the start of production, Disney has released the following video, which appears to actually feature footage from the new movie:

The scene is a direct continuation of the epic close to The Force Awakens: Luke (Mark Hamill) and Rey (Daisy Ridley) stand on the island, face to face at last, and Rey hands over the lightsaber.

Cut to director Rian Johnson, yelling “cut!”, because of course they’re not willing to reveal too much.

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While we definitely haven’t seen this footage before, we might be looking at discarded angles from The Force Awakens — but since Rian Johnson is there, we’re choosing to believe that this is in fact new footage from Episode VIII.

If it’s a new scene, this indicates that Episode VIII picks up exactly where VII left off! Whether this is the first scene of the movie or a flashback sequence, it seems like we’ll get to see Luke and Rey’s first conversation (if Luke ever speaks), rather than the movie jumping forward in time.

‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ casts Laura Dern, Benicio Del Toro and Kelly Marie Tran

Along with the video, The Hollywood Reporter also has some casting announcements to share.

Laura Dern, new actress Kelly Marie Tran, and Benicio Del Toro have all joined the line-up for Episode VIII. No role details yet, but we’re sure you all have your theories. Del Toro was also rumored to star in Star Wars: Rogue One, but there might have been some line-crossing going on (unless he secretly appears in both).

Kelly Marie Tran

If you visit Kelly Marie Tran’s online resume, you’ll see that she’s almost a complete unknown, her major credits being some CollegeHumor videos. Intriguingly, her page announces her as a “lead” in Star Wars: Episode VIII:

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 16.21.42

It wouldn’t be the first time Star Wars plucked an actor/actress out of obscurity and made them a superstar. And if this is true, we’d not only have two female leads in Episode VIII, but we’d also be looking at the saga’s first Asian lead character. Exciting news!

‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ comes to your galaxy on December 15, 2017

Additional reporting by Donya Abramo.

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