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10 cameos we wish ‘Luke Cage’ season 2 would’ve given us

We saw a few cameos from other Marvel properties show up in Luke Cage season 2, but maybe not the ones we were hoping for. Here’s our top 10 list of characters we wished showed up this season.

This article contains spoilers for the cameos in Luke Cage season 2.

If you’ve seen the second season of Luke Cage, you’ll know that the main cameos this year centered around Iron Fist characters Colleen and Danny. While Colleen and Misty’s team-up was as badass as you’d hoped it would be, Luke and Danny’s didn’t sit well with those who don’t particularly like the character.

Considering the Marvel Cinematic Universe is so interconnected, it’s a shame we didn’t get more crossovers. Here are the 10 cameos we wish Luke Cage season 2 would’ve given us.

Jeri Hogarth

Everyone needs a good lawyer, and Luke Cage is no different. Foggy might’ve shown up to save the day, but it would’ve been nice to get a peek at what Jeri has been up to since the end of Jessica Jones season 2. It seems like she’s going to be doing just fine without her partners, and seeing her go head to head with Luke would’ve been epic.

Vanessa Marianna

There was no way that Mariah Dillard was ever going to come face to face with Wilson Fisk despite the fact they’re both locked up, simply because Mariah was in a women’s prison. However, there could’ve been room for her to speak with Fisk’s fiancée Vanessa, who left New York City at the end of season 1. Both Wilson and Mariah were powerful influencers in their neighborhoods, so it only makes sense that he would’ve found a way to reach out to her in order to see if she could be an ally.

Trish Walker

This cameo would’ve been pretty easy to incorporate, considering Trish already knows Luke from Jessica Jones season 1. Although she gave up her radio show in season 2, it wouldn’t be surprising if she tried her hand at being a hero given everything going on in Harlem in Luke Cage season 2. She does have a habit of sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong, after all.

Brigid O’Reilly

We know that Detective O’Reilly transferred from Harlem to New Orleans, and considering both Luke Cage and Clock & Dagger have referenced this fact, we can definitively say they take place in the same universe. Whether it was a flashback or a phone call, it could’ve made sense if O’Reilly had shown up in Luke Cage season 2, if only for a couple of minutes.

Frank Castle

Harlem isn’t really The Punisher’s stomping grounds, but he does enjoy a good gang war. I can imagine Frank hearing about what’s going on in Harlem and showing up on Luke’s doorstep to ask if he’s going to do anything to clean up the streets, especially during the time when Mariah is in prison and the city is losing its mind. Luke wouldn’t let him stick around for long, but I like the idea that Frank is willing to fight battles that aren’t his own. Growth, and all that.

Malcolm Ducasse

If Jessica wasn’t able to get away long enough to check on Luke, Malcolm would be a good substitute. He might not have superpowers, but he was once a drug addict — and probably still has some contacts with dealers. He might not be centered in Harlem, but if the drugs Luke Cage and Bushmaster end up crossing borders, Malcolm would be a useful contact to call up.

Phil Coulson

Agent Coulson might be the biggest person on this list and therefore not super concerned with some of the smaller issues that Luke deals with in season 2. That being said, how cool would it be if Coulson started reintegrating himself into society by visiting some of the smaller (albeit still super powerful) heroes in the MCU? Next stop: The Avengers.

Karen Page

I was actually quite surprised that Karen was only mentioned in passing this season, though it was good to hear she’s still keeping up with her journalistic duties. Rather than just calling up the precinct and wanting a comment from Misty, it would’ve been pretty cool to see her demanding answers in person.

Matt Murdock

Following The Defenders, it would make logical sense for any of the other main heroes to show up at any time and check in on their friends — like Danny did to Luke this season. Matt would’ve been a great addition to season 2, considering he’s struggled with the responsibilities of being a hero just like Luke has. And maybe some of Murdock’s Catholic guilt would’ve put Luke on a better path by season end.

Jessica Jones

Obviously, the best cameo for Luke Cage season 2 would’ve been Jessica Jones. Not only were we introduced to Luke in season 1 of Jessica Jones, but they have the closest relationship out of all the Defenders (regardless of what they keep trying to show us with Danny). Jessica would definitely be able to talk some sense into Luke.

What cameos do you wish we’d seen in ‘Luke Cage’ season 2?

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