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‘Lucifer’ season 5 complete guide: Air date, episodes, cast, trailer, and more

Lucifer will be returning to Netflix for a fifth and final season. Here’s everything you need to know ahead of its premiere.

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‘Lucifer’ season 5 air date

While Neflix has yet to provide a confirmed premiere date for Lucifer season 5, we do know that it will drop at some point in 2020, with production beginning in August 2019. Each season of Lucifer has made its debut at a different point of the year, with seasons 1 and 2 both premiering in 2016, season 3 in October 2017, and season 4 on Netflix in May of 2019.

As such, it is impossible to guess when, exactly, Lucifer season 5 might drop. But as and when Netflix announce a date, we will update this article to reflect it.

‘Lucifer’ season 5 synopsis

A synopsis for Lucifer season 5 has not been released as of yet. However, when we last left our devilish main character and company, Lucifer had returned to Hell in order to avoid an apocalyptic prophecy and resume his former role as king and preside over all of its demonic inhabitants. But despite taking his place in Hell once more, we shouldn’t assume that Lucifer will be entirely unaffected by his time on Earth, particularly his relationship with Chloe.

When speaking to Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Joe Henderson said, “We loved the idea of Lucifer having to face the responsibility of his life, because so much of realizing who he is is also realizing the responsibilities he has. He realized that he’s a better man than he always thought he was, but if that’s the case, a better man would take on the responsibility in front of him.”

Oh, and there’s also the very small matter of Lucifer and Chloe’s confession of love to one another to resolve. With Lucifer in Hell and Chloe on Earth, that distance seems almost insurmountable, and even with the potential of Lucifer returning to Earth once more, it is likely to be only temporary. Could we be heading for a resolution that falls into a Persephone-and-Hades-style outcome? Chloe, after all, has always had a unique effect upon Lucifer — could that power extend further, to allow her to split her time between Earth and Hell, as Lucifer’s queen?

Only time will and season 5 will tell.

‘Lucifer’ season 5 trailer

With Lucifer season 5 entering production in August 2019, there is no trailer as of yet. But, in the meantime, you can refresh yourself on Lucifer and Chloe’s four-season love story, as provided by Netflix themselves.

‘Lucifer’ season 5 episodes

Lucifer’s fifth and final season will comprise of 16 episodes, increased from its 10-episode fourth season. Those 16-episodes will attempt to tie up as many loose ends as possible, from Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship, to whether Lucifer will remain in Hell, to what will come of Mazikeen and Amenadiel, as well as the cast of supporting characters we have come to love over the course of all five seasons.

As of now, we only have the title of the first episode of Lucifer season 5, which is titled “Really Sad Devil Guy.” The episode was written by Jason Ning, and will be directed by Eagle Egilsson.

As and when we have details about additional episodes, we will update this section!

‘Lucifer’ season 5 cast

Most of the regular and recurring cast of Lucifer have already been confirmed for its fifth and final season.

Tom Ellis — Lucifer
Lauren German — Chloe Decker
Rachael Harris — Linda Martin
D.B. Woodside — Amenadiel
Aimee Garcia — Ella Lopez
Kevin Alejandro — Dan Espinoza
Lesley-Ann Brandt — Mazikeen

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