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‘Lucifer’ season 2 premiere review: The Big Bang

Lucifer season 2, episode 1, “Everything Is Coming Up Lucifer,” just finished airing, and daddy issues are the least of the Devil’s worries.

Lucifer season 1 answered many questions that had been lingering all year, but plenty was still left to be tackled in season 2, especially when it came to Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship and the detective’s belief in who Mr. Morningstar really was.

Season 2 still has a procedural element, though I don’t think it needs one to keep the story interesting. The first case was tied into one of the main plots of this season, which is that Lucifer’s mother has escaped Hell, so perhaps they’re looking to adjust the format of the series.

This year, we’ll hopefully be seeing a Lucifer with a much more cohesive storyline. There are plenty of procedurals out there like CSI and Law & Order, but few with a supernatural spin like Lucifer. I’d much rather the show play up the devilish element and downplay the case of the week aspect.

lucifer 201 chloe

Right off the bat we get Lucifer and Amenadiel working together to track down their mother, which not only bridges the gap between season 1 and season 2, but allows these two vastly different characters to play off each other. I like seeing playful friction over outright hostility, and I know that Lucifer, at least, would agree with me.

We didn’t know much about Luci’s mom going into this season, other than the fact she escaped Hell and that was probably very bad for our favorite anti-hero, but the premiere certainly gave us a peek at their relationship.

Lucifer’s mom wasn’t evil — in fact, she was the opposite — but she became jealous of humanity when God began to pay it so much attention. When Lucifer was kicked out of his own home, she did nothing for him. Likewise, when she was later cast down to Hell, Lucifer stood by while Maze tortured her.

Despite spending the entire episode chasing her down, we don’t get a glimpse of Lucifer’s mother until the very end. Lucifer has come to the conclusion that she’s not there to kill him, but that’s almost worse. If she doesn’t have murder on her mind, he has no idea what’s going on in her head.

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In the final moment, Lucifer’s mother comes stumbling out of his elevator, clutching a screwdriver and looking a lot worse for wear. We get a glimpse of her back, which looks scorched, before she begs for her son’s help and collapses in his arms. Lucifer looks confused and concerned in equal measure, and no matter how much I wrack my brain, I have no idea what her game plan may be — or if she even has one.

The other half of the episode also revolves around Lucifer — as it should, he would say — and Chloe’s weird relationship that has evolved quite nicely over the last season. She knows what she saw in the season finale when Luci was shot, killed, and brought back to life, but she can’t quite seem to believe it.

So, Chloe is on a mission. She’s got Lucifer’s blood and she’s going to test it to find out who he really is. Luci practically begs her to do it so she’ll start believing who he really is, but Amenadiel balks at the idea. There can be no proof that divinity truly exists, so he sets out to make Chloe doubt what she saw with a bullet proof vest and a couple blood packs.

At first, it sort of works. Chloe doesn’t want to believe her new partner is really the Devil, and it certainly explains how Lucifer is on his feet after getting shot. But then she talks to the new medical examiner, Ella, who has instantly stolen my heart. She’s funny, weird, and quite the conundrum already. Lucifer doesn’t really know what to do with her (his face during that hug!), but I have a feeling she’s going to be a perfect addition to the show.

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What’s great about Ella is that she has faith in God and the whole shebang, but she also understands the importance of doubt. She tells Chloe that proving God exists defeats the purpose of having faith in Him in the first place. Chloe obviously wants answers, but she decides that knowing who Lucifer really is won’t actually make a difference.

All Chloe needs to know is that Lucifer is good at what he does, and it helps her become a better detective. Does she need anything more than that?

It’ll be interesting to see if this sentiment lasts and if the rest of the show will be based off of Chloe’s faith in Lucifer, or if she’ll find herself needing answers after all.

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The Devil is in the details

? Detective Douche is back in the field because the big brass wants to sweep it all under the rug. At least he’s been demoted.
? Amenadiel’s power is fading. Is this a result of his increased humanity, or something else entirely?
? Maze comes back from a soul searching sabbatical she conducted with a friend who appears to be none other than Dr. Martin
? The writers once again know what their audience wants, and this week it comes in the form of Tom Ellis singing “All Along the Watchtower” by Bob Dylan. Thank you, and goodnight.

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