11:07 pm EST, January 25, 2016

Fox’s ‘Lucifer’ pilot shows a softer (and sassier) side to the Devil

Lucifer premiered tonight on Fox, giving us a glimpse into the kind of life the Devil would lead if he decided to abandon his post in Hell.

Ironically (and purposefully so) in charge of a club named Lux, Lucifer has put himself in the lap of luxury. But it doesn’t come without consequences. After leaving Hell for a life on Earth, Lucifer is visited by the Archangel Amenadiel, sent by God to convince him to go back to his job before all the demons in Hell begin escaping. Lucifer is retired, and happily so, but that doesn’t mean Amenadiel will be giving up easily.

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The series is a bit procedural, but Lucifer’s first case is still a personal one. He’s visited by Delilah, a famous pop star he helped skyrocket to fame who now wants to know a very important question: Did she sell her soul to the Devil? Lucifer assures her she didn’t, but she does owe him a favor now.

Lucifer could ask her for anything, but he only requests she get it together before she spirals out of control. And this, ladies and gentleman, is our first look at the softer side of the Devil. He’s been doing some soul searching, wondering if he’s inherently evil or if he’s evil because God decided he was.

Delilah agrees to the terms, but they no more than make it outside the club before she’s shot to death by a lowlife drug dealer. Lucier survives, of course, given that he’s immortal, and assigns himself Delilah’s case. This puts him in direct conflict with Detective Chloe Decker.

lucifer chloe decker

Chloe, a former actress, is tough, beautiful, smart, and determined. Lucifer thinks she’s just another silly human until he tries to make her reveal her deepest desires and finds she’s immune to his powers. Confounded and curious, not to mention still hellbent on finding Chloe’s true murderer, Lucifer convinces Chloe to let him come along for the ride, and they proceed to dive into Delilah’s life.

It seems both characters are hung up on their past. Lucifer feels guilty over jump starting Delilah’s career and possibly getting her killed as a result, and Chloe is having trouble getting anyone to work with her because she stuck her neck out on a previous case, which turned the other cops against her.

In the end, we find out that Jimmy, Delilah’s producer and ex-boyfriend, is the one who hired the dealer to kill the pop star. Lucifer wants to see him punished, and this is the first time we truly see the Devil in him. He might be sexy and sassy most of the time, but he is not of our world, and Jimmy finds that out firsthand — but not before the producer gets off a couple of shots from his gun. Lucifer is, of course, unharmed, but Chloe is not so lucky.

lucifer tom ellis

Lucifer saves Chloe’s life, claiming it’s because he finds her interesting, but we know better. This relationship will be the crux of the show. Chloe now knows something is definitely weird about Lucifer, and he is still astounded by the fact that his powers don’t work on her. More than that, however, Lucifer seems to care for her and her daughter, who has taken a liking to Hell’s former leader.

For Lucifer, it will always be a balance between discovering his own humanity and keeping in check his desire to punish the wicked. Will he be able to lead a normal life on Earth, and if so, what does that mean for Hell’s residents?

Aside from the story itself, Lucifer‘s pilot stands out among the 2015-2016 premieres. The music is an absolute perfect fit for the show in the same way Supernatural’s soundtrack offers familiar and appropriate earworms, and we hope this continues throughout the series. The dialogue is snappy and wry, and Tom Ellis is absolutely delicious as Lucifer, Lord of Hell.

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