12:00 pm EDT, April 4, 2016

‘Lucifer’ is not airing a new episode tonight

No, it’s not an April Fools’ joke. Lucifer will not be airing a new episode on Monday, April 4.

That’s right, Lucifer’s freshman season is taking a break this week, and will return with its 11th episode, “St. Lucifer,” on Monday, April 11. But don’t worry, we’re here to provide you with a reminder on just where last week’s episode, “Pops,” left us and what you need to know ahead of episode 11.

Episode 10 offered us a few interesting relationship developments, as Lucifer was provided an intimate look at some complicated family dynamics via Junior and his recently deceased father, Javier. With enough hints to fill a hefty tome with which to smack Lucifer around the head with, he still didn’t make the obvious connection to his own complex situation with the big G.

Their’s wasn’t the only complicated family on display, as Chloe’s mother breezed back into town and they came to verbal blows over Trixie. By the end of the episode, they’d managed to patch things up, and Penelope urged her daughter to take a chance — which led Chloe to reach out to Dan to give their marriage another shot.

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Unfortunately, Dan’s entanglement with Malcolm had left him unconscious in a parking lot and Malcolm able to answer the text on Dan’s behalf — which put an apparently definitive end to the relationship. We’d strongly recommend Dan put a passcode on his phone to avoid these life-ruining impersonations in the future.

The damage has already been done, however, and it seemed Chloe and Lucifer might hook up — only for Lucifer to turn her down. Yeah, we know. Chloe’s closeness to Lucifer continues to change him — don’t think we didn’t notice she was in close proximity when Lucifer got hurt, again — and we can’t help but feel that may have a devastating affect by the season’s end. Be that to Lucifer’s person or to his heart.

The preview for “St. Lucifer” seems to suggest that the episode will be picking back up the morning after the night before, with Chloe waking up in a state of disarray in Lucifer’s bed. He may have had enough conscience to turn Chloe down in her inebriated state, but would he have taken the couch? Either way, Chloe is quick to put any thoughts of a repeat offer to rest — now, the only question that remains is whether or not she’ll continue to take “Dan’s” text message at face value, or whether they’ll clear up the misunderstanding. It’s obvious that Dan and Chloe still have strong feelings for each other, but could the inevitable truth of Dan’s involvement with Malcolm put an end to their relationship for good?

Meanwhile, Lucifer tells Linda just how good being good really feels. We’d imagine this is in reference to his restraint with Chloe, as well as offering her a shoulder to cry on — but, according to the synopsis, he may be taking his acts of “charity” a little further.

“When philanthropist Tim Dunlear is found dead,” the synopsis reads. “Lucifer explores his good side by becoming a benefactor for Tim’s glitzy Los Angeles charity.” We’ll just have to wait until April 11 to see just how long his charitable tendencies last.

Meanwhile, for those looking to catch up on Lucifer season 1, Hulu has acquired the exclusive streaming rights for the show, in a multi-year deal with Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution.

Lucifer returns Monday, April 11 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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