5:00 pm EST, February 14, 2016

8 reasons we love the ladies of ‘Lucifer’

Lucifer may be the titular star of his own show, but he’s by no means the only reason we’ve fallen in love with Fox’s devilish new drama.

Tom Ellis’ Lucifer is, without doubt, unbelievably magnetic — there’s a reason he’s been receiving so much praise for his turn as the Lord of Hell, after all — but the ladies of Lucifer deserve their dues all the same. With that in mind, we’ve put together eight reasons we’ve fallen under their thrall, without the help of a little supernatural suggestion.

They’re not oblivious, despite assumptions to the contrary


Is anything really a secret when it comes to the Internet? Er, we’re going to go with an emphatic no, here. Where there’s a will, there’s… Google?

They don’t take any shit


Some people just don’t know when to quit. When faced with a not-quite-viable threat, sometimes the only solution is to give a practical demonstration. When you run your mouth in front of a lilim, don’t expect to leave the clash unscathed.

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They know how to subvert societal expectations to achieve their goal


Or, well, the expectation that you can be manipulated into revealing incredibly personal information about yourself. Chloe does a good job of playing along with Lucifer — he’s used to everyone bending to his will, after all — before pulling the rug out from under him. It’s maddening and frustrating for him, but we love Chloe all the more for using it to her advantage. It’s not often you can get the upper hand on Lucifer himself.

They’re fearless — even in the face of the former Lord of Hell


When you know your boss as intimately as Mazikeen knows Lucifer, there’s a certain amount of fear that should come with knowing what they’re capable of. Despite that, Maze refuses to back down, especially when she knows all the right buttons to press to get to the Lucifer she knows.

They still have a sense and wonder of child-like innocence


Sometimes, inexplicable situations can be resolved with the simplest of outlooks — and there’s nothing quite so beautifully honest than the way a child sees the world. Sure, there’s more to Lucifer than a little slight of hand, but she’s not far off the money either.

They’re perceptive, though Lucifer probably wishes they weren’t


Lucifer might believe he knows himself better than anyone else, but Linda Martin can cut to the quick far more adeptly than he gives her credit for. She may be susceptible to his advances — and is wholly unashamed at that desire — but there’s no denying that she can still scratch past the surface, and dig right into his vulnerabilities. Whether or not he believes they’re there.

They’re unflinchingly loyal


Mazikeen may have her reservations about being on Earth, and Lucifer’s sudden fascination with one human in particular, but she still followed him from Hell — without a second thought.

They believe the best in people — though they may deserve otherwise


Despite having seen Lucifer throw someone through a window with inhuman strength, Chloe still steps up to ground him. Whether she has some otherworldly control over him or not, she honestly believes there’s more to Lucifer than he covers up with violent fury, and living to excess whilst damning the consequences. A good man, with a good heart — whether he deserves that belief or not.

What do you love best about the ladies of ‘Lucifer?’

Lucifer airs Monday’s at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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