Lucifer season 2, episode 11, “Stewardess Interruptus,” had the Devil questioning whether or not he was good enough for Chloe.

When Lucifer was last on our televisions, he and Chloe were about to kiss. It was a hard break in between that episode and this one, but we didn’t have to wait long during tonight’s episode to find out whether or not they sealed the deal.

Unfortunately, they didn’t. Luci had a case of “stewardess interruptus” in the form of a beautiful and willing Jana. Chloe came to her senses and left, but no amount of seducing would get Chloe out of Lucifer’s head. Jana left and Luci slept alone that night.

Chloe is obviously upset about what happened, but keeps up appearances nonetheless — though her daughter may be the only one who sees past the facade. Maze tries to cheer up the detective by informing her that her father’s killer is dead, but Chloe doesn’t think the person that did that is any better than the person they killed. That sucks for Dan. How long until this truth comes out?

Charlotte confronts Luci about Chloe and admits she was wrong. But for those of you keeping track, you’ll know this isn’t a selfless act on the goddess’ part. She’s trying to keep Chloe around until she can figure out a way to use her to get back into heaven.

Luci feeds right into Charlotte’s plan by deciding he has to prove he’s worthy of Chloe. This is a little hard, however, when his lovers start coming up dead. It’s a reminder to Chloe how incredibly different their lives are. The two of them are just not compatible.

But perhaps Luci doesn’t want the life he once led. Detective Decker brings in all of Lucifer’s exes (men and women alike!), and their stories are all the same — Lucifer is great in bed, but it was just meaningless, emotionless sex.

It turns out that although both victims knew Luci, they weren’t killed in connection with the Devil. Jana was a mule for a drug lord who happened to lose one of his packages. Chloe decides to set up a sting operation with Maze posing as the stewardess.

It works like a dream until they realize they’ve got the wrong guy. The real drug lord holds Luci at gunpoint, but that doesn’t last long. Lucifer takes his rage out on the man, yelling at him about how Jana deserved better — from both of them.

I have to take a moment here to ponder Luci’s change of heart. You inherently want to root for him to become a better person, to settle down with someone, to understand what it means to feel human emotion. But on the other hand, that does fundamentally change his character. He will no longer be the Devil we fell in love with in the pilot. Will it change the tone of the show, or will it allow the writers to find new ways to complicate Luci’s character?

In the end, we see the man who took the package from Jana, and although we see the inside of the case, it’s hard to tell what’s going on here. They appear to be vials of blood with numbers on them. Are these the samples of Luci’s blood that Chloe decided to throw away when she chose to trust his word above all else?

The man who stole the vials, who also happened to get some of the blood on him, is killed by a gentleman in a fedora, but we’re left without any idea as to who it could be. A demon? A deity? God himself?

To stare out across the ocean is to see how truly insignificant you are. In Luci’s case, that’s not entirely true, but it was a romantic backdrop nonetheless. He tells Chloe it’ll never work out between then because he’s not good enough for her. She is selfless and special, and he, quite simply, is not worthy. I am completely unsurprised when this has the opposite effect on Chloe, and the two of them finally kiss.

The Devil is in the details

? Chloe finds out about Charlotte and Dan. She’s sort of annoyed and disgusted, but not altogether upset.
? Maze is having doubts about her self-worth, but she shouldn’t because she is obviously the most badass character on this show.
? Trixie’s cuteness factor goes up exponentially with each episode she appears in.
? Amenadiel is no longer wearing his sad beanie because he’s convinced he’s going home soon.
? It is Linda’s curse to speak plainly and still be misunderstood at every turn.

Are you excited Chloe kissed Lucifer on tonight’s episode?

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