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How to throw a party according to 5 ‘Lord of the Rings’ races

Celebrate Bilbo and Frodo's birthday in style!

What better excuse to throw a Lord of the Rings party than to celebrate our favorite ‘Bagginses’ birthdays?

Today is Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday so it’s time to celebrate! Of course, the most appropriate way to party is Hobbit style, but for some of you, that just isn’t your speed. But don’t worry, you have options! Here’s a handy guide to help you plan your party, no matter what Lord of the Rings race suits you most associate with.

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Dwarvish Style

lord of the rings dwarves the hobbit

To celebrate like a Dwarf, your best bet is to go to a bar or a house that is nowhere near other houses.

  • The more people the better, so invite all of your friends and family. Yes even your extended friends and extended family.
  • Dress code: Casual. Everyone can wear whatever they want, but it’s probably better to dress comfortably as it’s sure to be a wild night.
  • Make and/or buy all the food you can. There’s no specifications of what either. Any and all the food! Make it a potluck too, that way you’re less likely to run out.
  • Alcohol. And lots of it. Mead, beer, ale, whatever. At the end of the night, a drink’s a drink. You might have to be the lone sober person who’s coherent enough to call for lots of cab rides.
  • Set aside time for some sing-alongs (though it’s likely somebody will start them on their own).
  • It’s not a bad idea to plan a crafts activity either. But it’s possible people will create their own project with empty beer bottles, cans, caps, and whatever else is lying around.
  • Or just braid each other’s hair.
  • The party could go on well into the morning, so it’s recommended you get as much sleep beforehand as you can.

Hobbit Style

lord of the rings hobbits birthday

A Hobbit style birthday celebration is very warm and inviting. It is most successful when partaken at home with your closest friends and family.

  • Everyone will be coming to your house, so you’ll want to tidy up and pass the vacuum through once or twice.
  • Dress code: Green and yellow attire if possible, otherwise bright colors will do just fine. Nothing too fancy, but don’t show up in sweatpants either.
  • Lots of food is essential. If your guests don’t leave with a too-full stomach, you haven’t done a good job.
  • Dishes should consist of assorted breads and cheeses, meat, potatoes, and a nice big cake at the end. Make sure to season your dishes for lots of flavor!
  • Some alcoholic beverages, like wine and ale, would surely be appreciated by your guests, but don’t go too overboard.
  • The atmosphere should feel cozy. If it’s nice outside, spend some time in the garden chatting before the evening chill sets in. Otherwise, a warm living room or basement (with a small fire, if possible) is ideal. Create an atmosphere that encourages people to relax and talk.
  • Music is optional. But if you do have it, play it quietly so it doesn’t interfere with conversation.
  • Don’t forget to give your guests a small gift at the end of the night!

Human Style

lord of the rings aragorn

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Are you seriously considering this when you have options like Hobbit and Dwarf?

  • Invite your Elf, Hobbit, and Dwarf friends.
  • Let them plan the party.

Elvish Style

lord of the rings galadriel celeborn

An Elvish style celebration is, quite literally, all about style. It’s an elegant and formal affair, though if you must classify it with a word, call it a ball.

  • Make arrangements to reserve a space in a banquet hall (or a similar type space appropriate for a ball).
  • Dress code: Formal. Black tie and classic gowns (not too revealing).
  • Catering is at a minimum. A small selection of meats wouldn’t be amiss, but it’s more important to have small portions that are easy to eat. For example, fruit and vegetable trays, cheese and crackers, dessert tarts, etc.
  • Alcohol is not necessary but if you must include it, have a selection of wines.
  • It’s important for music to play throughout the night. Obviously it should be classical music, but whether it’s live or not is determined by performers’ availability.
  • Open floor space should be allocated for dancing, in addition to areas along the perimeter to sit and stand for the purposes of conversing.

Orc Style

lord of the rings orcs

This option is highly unrecommended, as Orcs tend to kill each other and others over pettiness. The smallest tiff at your party could lead to a massacre, so proceed with caution.

  • The party can’t start until the sun goes down, so make sure you have ample lighting fixtures to see by.
  • The location should be away from other people, so no public outings. Keep it confined to your house or an area far away from other residents.
  • Dress code: Dirty clothes, or clothes you wouldn’t care if they got dirty or ripped.
  • Meat is essential, cooked as raw as possible (or uncooked as much as possible…). Bread and water would be a good addition as well. The rest should be scrounged from the surrounding area. Make it a game!
  • Absolutely no alcohol. You wouldn’t want to increase the odds of poor decisions.
  • The party doesn’t end until everyone has gone home or everyone is dead*.
  • *we do not endorse killing your guests

Which style will your ‘Lord of the Rings’ party be?

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