Dafne Keen had her breakout role in Logan as the new mutant X-23, and with any luck, she’ll be able to keep playing her.

If you had the chance to see Logan over opening weekend, you’ll know that the movie was a dark installment in the otherwise blockbuster-friendly X-Men franchise.

And one of the reasons why Logan was so dark was because of Keen’s portrayal of the wild and angry Laura, otherwise known as the mutant X-23. It’s hard to draw attention when you’re sharing a screen with the likes of Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, but it’s safe to say Keen stole the show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Keen is open to continue playing Laura. Logan director James Mangold has apparently entertained the idea of doing a spinoff in the past, and there would probably be room for her in any of the other X-Men movies.

“She is an emotional bomb,” Keen told THR. “She’s complicated — she tries to be so strong but she feels so kind of vulnerable at the same time. I really love her. I’d love to keep playing her.”

There would certainly be more to explore with the character as well. We won’t give away any spoilers here, but by the end of Logan her story seems far from over and there’s always more to delve into when it comes to both her psyche and her powers.

Would you like to see more of X-23?

In the meantime, check out our Logan review.

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