The Lizzie Bennet Diaries saw its share of familiar faces this week, with the return of Charlotte and Lydia.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries weekly recap

Lizzie’s video: ‘Look Who’s Back’

Charlotte’s back! And it’s about time, because we have some questions that need asking and no one represents the fandom quite like Charlotte (Julia Cho). But we’ll get to that a bit later. Charlotte will be in-universe for the next month (just in time for the show to finish), while Mr Collins is off with his maybe-fictional Canadian fiance. Don’t worry Charlotte, we get it. The first rule is don’t talk about Fight Club.

But then to the good stuff. What about Darcy, Charlotte demands. She points out the certain “chemistry,” “heat” and “tension” between our dynamic duo. Poor Lizzie (Ashley Clements) looks upset, claiming that Darcy’s feelings have certainly changed and so they don’t need to keep talking about it. Good thing we have Charlotte there to ask the question everyone in the fandom was yelling at their computer screens – have Lizzie’s feelings changed? And then she goes for the jugular, referencing the unforgiving hills of San Francisco (Can “the hills in this city can be quite unforgiving” be our “always”?).

Spin-off characters go twitter crazy

There was news on the Team Figi front, with Fitz asking a couple questions to give us some new hints about Gigi’s upcoming move.

In a weirder turn of events, Mary and Gigi are now following each other on twitter. Um, what?

And finally, in our series of spin-off characters, Charlotte’s little sister Maria Lu was back and active on twitter over the past week.

Lizzie’s video: ‘Revelations’

Then came the video we have all been waiting for. Lydia (Mary Kate Wiles) was a wonderful return to the show, showing even in the short time she was given just how much Lydia has changed from when she first appeared. It seems like she is okay, and dealing with the George situation, although we imagine it will be a long road ahead.

More importantly, Lydia revealed to Lizzie that it was Darcy who had the site taken down. Exactly how she found out is left unclear (has she seen the Pemberley Digital videos?), but she knew and now Lizzie does. This is of course, one of the major turning points of the series, and it’s likely that Dizzie will now take centre stage of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. We are not complaining.

What did you think of the ‘LBD’ events this week?

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