Lizzie Bennet Diaries showrunner Bernie Su has launched his latest project, a web series for starring Wes Aderhold, known for playing George Wickham in The LBD.

Following the Lizzie Bennet Diaries finale, showrunner Bernie Su has launched his latest project – and he has taken a familiar face along for the ride. Wes Aderhold, who Lizzie Bennet Diaries fans will know as the manipulative George Wickham, is back and it’s looks like he is still the bad guy, seducing any and everyone to generate more material for his blog on this new series.

Lookbook: The Series launched Monday April 1 with episode 1, “Look Closer.” The episode synopsis reads:

Hannah arrives in Los Angeles and immediately bonds with Mark, a charming street fashion photographer. Little do they know, Mark’s ex-muse Cleo, the manipulative and ruthless “queen” of fashion blogging, is trying to win him back.

The Lookbook: The Series FAQ page describes the show as a “dramatic urban fairytale.” The first season of the show will comprise of nine episodes, running between 5-8 minutes in length. The series was written and directed by Su, who also acts as executive producer, and produced by Allison Vanore. Huan Nguyen, the Head of Brand Partnerships at Lookbook, acts as the second executive producer.

The series stars:
Neva McIntosh as Hannah
Daniel Romer as Mark
Kimberly Whalen as Cleo
Wes Aderhold as Julius
Andy Cohen as Tony

Episode 1 also featured Kelly Washington as Amber, Brent Isaacs as Alex, Carolyn Neff as Trendy Girl #1 and Melissa Dalton as Trendy Girl #2.

The show is certainly a departure from the single camera vlog-style that Lizzie Bennet Diaries fans will be familiar, while Lookbook: The Series is shot in a more traditional television style. We are sure many fans will make the crossover, particularly given the presence of a (once again) shirtless Wes Aderhold. But the different style and focus is also sure to alienate certain fans.

Episode 2 of Lookbook: The Series will air on 8 April 2013.

Will you be watching Lookbook: The Series?

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