7:32 pm EST, November 8, 2017

Naomi Scott reveals the one character fans won’t see in Disney’s live-action ‘Aladdin’

Sorry, Aladdin fans — it looks like there’s one character from the animated classic that won’t be making it into Guy Ritchie’s upcoming live-action adaptation of the film.

When Disney’s upcoming adaptation of Aladdin hits the big screen, fans will see everyone from Jasmine, to Geenie, to Al himself come to life like never before. But while Guy Ritche’s upcoming musical will showcase some of Disney’s most beloved characters, there’s one sidekick who’ll be sorely missing from the adaptation.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jasmine actress Naomi Scott revealed that the new movie is set to nix the princess’ unforgettable pet tiger Rajah.

The fact that Rajah is set to be cut from the live-action adaptation is bound to sadden fans of the original animated movie, but as Scott points out in the interview, there’s a good reason for omitting the princess’ only friend in the palace.

Instead, the film is set to introduce a new character named Dalia (Nasim Pedrad) who is set to be Jasmine’s handmaid. As Scott explains in the interview, the upcoming film wants to introduce Dalia in order to allow Jasmine to interact and relate to another woman.

“I never realized it, but in the animation, Jasmine is really the only female character — isn’t that crazy?” Scott told THR. “So we wanted people to watch the movie and see Jasmine’s relationship with another woman, and be like, ‘Ah, that’s what I’m like with my girlfriend,’ or ‘We would so do that if I was in that position.’ That’s something that’s missing from the animation.”

If it sounds as though Dalia and Jasmine’s relationship goes beyond that of a normal princess and handmaid, that’s because it does.

Scott also went on to reveal that Jasmine and Dalia have been best friends for their entire lives despite the fact that Jasmine’s destiny is to one day rule Aggrabah.

There’s still no word as to whether we’ll see Jafar scheming with the wise-cracking parrot, Iago, or if Aladdin’s primate bestie Apu will make the cut.That being said, the fact that they’ve chosen to omit Rajah from Ritchie’s forthcoming adaptation has got us wondering if they’ll see the same fate as Jasmine’s pet tiger.

Aladdin is set to hit theaters in May 2019.

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