Rob Thomas announced that the first five minutes of Veronica Mars: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line the audiobook is now available to preview for free online.

Today, in an email to all Kickstarter backers, Rob Thomas unveiled some exciting news about the first Veronica Mars novel — or audiobook to be exact. In an effort to draw more people to Veronica Mars: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line, Random House Audio released the first five minutes of the audiobook on their YouTube channel.

Rob was also able to confirm that Kristen Bell would be narrating the audiobook, which everyone had been secretly hoping would happen anyway. To no one’s surprise, Kristen’s voice is the perfect fit for the noir tale. Plus, who doesn’t want to hear Kristen impersonating the voices of all of her co-stars?

In order to garner even more interest in the audiobook, Rob teased, “The book and audiobook are not PG-13, for the record, so if you prefer the audiobook, you’ll get to hear Kristen drop more than one F-bomb. You’re welcome.”

Listen to the preview here:


What did you think of the first five minutes? Was it enough to entice you to listen to it all the way through? If you’re still not sold on the Veronica Mars novel, you can read Hypable’s spoiler-free review of the book here.

Do you plan on listening to the audio version of the ‘Veronica Mars’ novel?

You can order a copy of your own on Random House where you can get the hard copy or the audio version of the novel.

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